10 Benefits of Maintaining a Clean School During Summer

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Schools see a lot of foot traffic from August until May, but when summer hits, the buildings are virtually empty much of the time. This provides the perfect opportunity for a professional cleaning company to catch up on maintenance that can’t be tackled effectively while school is in session. While students and staff are out of the building, it’s easier to deep clean and focus on areas that are more difficult to manage during the year.

The effects of a clean school on student morale can’t be ignored. In fact, one study conducted through the Center for Facilities Research at APPA found a strong correlation between school cleanliness and student achievement– a survey of 1,481 students found that 88% were distracted by a school that wasn’t clean. 

In order to create an environment that fosters learning, it’s important to focus on keeping it safe and clean throughout the year, and that can begin with proper deep cleaning and preparation during the summer months. Let’s look at some of the reasons your school will benefit from maintaining a clean facility during the summer.

1. Making a Plan While the School is Empty

Keeping a school clean and germ-free is a lot of work, and day-to-day maintenance takes up the majority of your time during the school year. Once students return home, your professional maintenance team can begin to develop a plan to deep clean the building from top to bottom. Without the chaos of a typical school day, you’ll be able to focus on the work at hand as you check off all the boxes on your cleaning “to do” list.

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Although schools still host summer activities, the building will be much quieter during the summer months and there will be fewer instances of messes that need to be taken care of right away. In these less chaotic circumstances, you can focus on cleaning the areas that time just didn’t allow for during the school year.

2. Cleaning and Refinishing Floors

While school is in session, the floors can take a beating—and sweeping and mopping take up a lot of time. When summer arrives, it can be easier to really focus on making them shine. This is the perfect time to refinish old floors. By providing extra TLC during the summer months, your school’s floors will last longer, and they’ll look great when students return in the fall.

3. Fingerprint-Free Doors and Windows

Doors are one of the most frequently touched spots in a school, and they’re a breeding ground for all kinds of bacteria and germs. Regular upkeep and constant cleaning can be difficult to maintain during the school year, which can lead to less-than-clean surfaces and the spreading of germs. Summertime provides the perfect opportunity to deep clean and disinfect each door so they’re clean, germ-free, and ready for students when they return. 

In addition, windows can be easily neglected and overlooked, especially when you’re focusing on high touchpoints like doors. While students are away, it’s easier to find time to thoroughly clean and remove fingerprints and smudges from each and every window in your school.

4. Deep Cleaning Restrooms

School restrooms and locker rooms are a frequent stop for students and teachers alike, and it can be difficult to keep up with regularly cleaning each toilet, sink, and floor as effectively as possible. During the summer, a professional cleaning team can ensure that every nook and cranny is properly disinfected, which will eliminate germs and ensure that your bathrooms smell fresh and clean, with no neglected corners or areas. This also offers an opportunity for crews to make necessary repairs to lockers, stall doors, light fixtures, and vents.

5. Deep Cleaning Kitchen Appliances

The school’s kitchen is a great place to deep clean during the summer months. During the school year, the kitchen is constantly being used to feed hungry students, but while they’re away, a professional cleaning company can deep clean each oven, change the hood filters, and make necessary repairs to kitchen equipment. When the new year begins, the kitchen will be ready to go.

6. Tackling the Cafeteria and Gymnasium

Everyday cleanups like spilled milk and crumbs can take up a lot of time, leaving virtually no time to keep bacteria at bay. While school is out, a team can tackle bigger messes including under the bleachers and lunch tables and in the corners and areas that are speedily cleaned each day during the year. 

School cafeterias can end up being one of the messiest places in the building, and cafeteria trays and plates are some of the germiest spots in the entire school—right up there with cold water faucets. On average, cafeteria trays harbor around 33,800 bacteria per inch, while cafeteria plates have 15,800 bacteria per inch. To make matters worse, cold and flu viruses can hang around for up to 48 hours, while some bacteria can last for months! The summer session is the perfect time to do a deep clean of every part of the cafeteria.

7. Sanitizing TouchPoints

Touchpoints are places that are most frequently touched throughout the day. This includes the above-mentioned door handles, but it also includes stairway handrails, pencil sharpeners, and water fountains. Because schools are filled with hundreds of students each day, these touch points can quickly become breeding grounds for bacteria and all kinds of illnesses. By cleaning during the summertime, a professional cleaning company can ensure that every touchpoint has been properly sanitized and is sparkling when August arrives.

8. Dusting Everything

Dust and allergens can cause a variety of health conditions that range in severity from itchy eyes to full-blown asthma attacks. In order to keep the building free from allergens, it’s important to keep surfaces dust-free. During the school year, this can be at the bottom of the janitor’s priority list. Summertime allows more time to focus on dusting surfaces in each and every classroom and office space.

9. Power Washing Outdoor Equipment

Outdoor playground equipment is exposed to the elements year-round. During the school year, most cleaning efforts are focused inside the school, where students and staff spend most of their time. Summer vacation provides the time and warm weather for a cleaning company to power wash outdoor equipment. 

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10. Making Necessary Repairs

Since students and staff are out of the building, it will remain clean over the summer. Maintenance issues can be easily identified and repaired before the new school year begins. With messy classrooms and dirty floors out of the way, it’s much easier to tackle a leaky toilet or broken desk.

Maintain a Clean School Facility During the Summer Months With a Trusted Professional Cleaning Service

Your students and staff deserve a clean building when they return in the fall. DTK is committed to providing professional cleaning services that keep students and teachers safe from potential germs and allergens, while achieving a productive learning environment. For over 25 years, businesses and schools have trusted DTK to provide thorough commercial cleaning services. Contact DTK today to receive a quote for commercial deep cleaning services and regular maintenance services for your school.