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What is the Average Cost for Commercial Window Cleaning?

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The windows of your business premises are so much more than just another part of a building. They contribute to the first impression your company makes on visitors. For employees, clean windows create a nicer, healthier work environment. In addition, cleaning windows professionally and regularly can go a long way towards maintaining their functionality. The average cost for commercial window cleaning depends on several factors, including building size, the number of windows, and their accessibility.

Considering the Average Cost for Commercial Window Cleaning

Business owners and facilities managers need to consider the cost of window cleaning as part of their budget for janitorial services. Similar to other aspects of commercial cleaning, such as office carpet cleaning, costs can vary widely.

The average cost for commercial window cleaning depends on the following factors:

·         Building characteristics

·         Accessibility

·         Climate and environment

Understanding these factors will help contractors provide an accurate quote for your business. Some of those may be based on the number of windows or even windowpanes. Others may quote based on space or the number of floors. However, nothing beats an on-site visit to ensure an accurate quote for window cleaning services.

Building Characteristics

The design and layout of commercial property have a huge influence on the cost of window cleaning. Purpose-built commercial premises tend to feature simple window designs, which may equal more efficient cleaning. Simple, modern designs may be cheaper to maintain.

In many cases, the building’s architect would have designed the premises with future maintenance costs in mind. For example, large windowpanes mean that commercial window cleaning contractors can cover a larger area in less time. 

On the other hand, being in a traditional building automatically adds character to your business. You may have beautiful, traditional sash windows or even stained-glass features. The building retains a more distinguished look and gains in character, but window cleaning becomes a more involved process.

If you choose premises featuring windows with different architectural shapes, cleaning requires more effort and time. As a result, the average cost for commercial window cleaning increases.

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Accessibility of Windows

Another factor that contributes to variations in the average cost of window cleaning is the height of the building and any other accessibility considerations.

Single story business premises with street-level windows are cheaper to clean than high rises. If your company’s premises feature this type of window, commercial contractors can simply walk up to the outside of the windows and start cleaning. They require little additional equipment, and all windows can be finished in a short amount of time.

Compare that to a high-rise office building. Here, cleaning windows requires extensive safety measures. On lower floors, contractors may gain access via ladders. Windows on the higher floors may require specialist rigging technology and equipment to keep window cleaners safe and allow for efficient cleaning.

As a rule of thumb, the taller your building is, the higher the cost of window cleaning will be.

Climate and Environment

The average cost for commercial window cleaning also depends on your environment. For example, frequent rains will leave unsightly watermarks and streaks, especially if they are followed by strong sunlight.

In an area like Houston, TX where buildings need to withstand changing temperatures as well as strong UV rays, window cleaners offer special treatments to maintain the integrity of windows and their fittings.

Window cleaning is rarely a part of the routine, daily cleaning activities. Some business owners or landlords tend to schedule commercial window cleaning as and when it is required. Others adhere to a regular schedule of cleaning,  such as once a month.

As a facilities manager, you may find that window cleaning intervals vary between the outside and the inside of your windows. Which one requires more regular cleaning depends on the climate in your location and your indoor activities. In challenging climates, the outside of your windows may need to be cleaned weekly, whereas the inside of an office only requires monthly cleaning.

Why Window Cleaning Matters for Business Success

When thinking about business success and employee wellbeing, window cleaning may not be the first thing on your mind. However, business owners, facilities managers, and HR specialists need to consider the importance of first impressions windows contribute to. It is also hard to underestimate the positive influence natural daylight has on employee satisfaction and overall morale. These are the reasons why professional window cleaning matters.

First Impressions Count

Several studies have found that it takes less than a second to form an opinion of each other when two people meet. Other researchers believe that it takes seven seconds to make that all-important first impression. The appearance of the other person played a major role in either assessment.

Whilst it may take milliseconds or seconds to form an opinion about a business, we can agree that first impressions are formed fast. Changing them and overcoming a potentially negative first impression takes much more time and effort.

The windows of your premises are a critical element of the first impression your company leaves on visitors. Whether potential clients are visiting your business, future staff members are interviewing, or suppliers are dropping off deliveries, all form an opinion about the company. Having clean windows alongside clean premises goes a long way toward ensuring that the initial opinion is favorable.

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Employee Health and Wellbeing

Clean windows benefit employee health and wellbeing by letting in the maximum amount of natural light your building’s design allows. Humans spend 80 to 90% of their time indoors. Clean windows can make those hours much more enjoyable.

Working in bright, naturally lit surroundings has been associated with improved overall health and increased productivity. Employees reported fewer headaches and less drowsiness. Crucially, they also made fewer mistakes.

When you are considering the average cost for commercial window cleaning, it is important to balance it against increased productivity. In addition, clean windows reduce the need for indoor lighting. As a result, your business benefits from lower utility bills.

Providing employees with a clean, pleasant work environment will directly benefit your company’s bottom line.

Preventing Avoidable Repairs

Allowing dirt, dust, and debris to build up around your windows and window frames can hide a multitude of potential problems.

Most issues like deteriorating sealant between glass panes and frames start small. If they are detected early, repairs are quick and cost-effective. Left untouched, however, a small problem can quickly become a major maintenance project with high costs attached to it.

Dirt and dust on the sealant around windowpanes offer the perfect breeding ground for mold and fungi in the right climate. Mold spores can stain sealant and window frames, creating an uncared-for appearance. Depending on the exact issue, professional cleaners may be able to address it but generally at a higher cost than regular window cleaning.

Assessing the average cost for commercial window cleaning needs to take into account that regular cleaning often helps avoid costly, complicated maintenance.

Finding a Reputable Contractor

Finding a reputable contractor for commercial window cleaning starts with obtaining several quotes. As a general rule, quotes are more accurate and tailored to the needs of your business if the contractor visits your premises. Images can help, but nothing will be as accurate as an on-site visit.

This is also an excellent opportunity for both sides to ask any questions in real-time. Following consultation with several commercial cleaning companies, the specifics of their quotations can be compared. This will include cost, of course, but it also includes exactly what services they’re planning to perform.

Comparisons should also include a contractor’s common practices and the timeframe they suggest for cleaning your windows. Some offer regular intervals, whilst others are happy to provide services on demand.

Window cleaning can be tricky, especially if your business is located in a tall building. If that is the case, check that potential contractors carry the relevant insurances, have experience, and have access to all necessary equipment.

Early-stage businesses or those going through a phase of growth may require flexible contracts with options for customization. It is important to understand exactly what you are committing to before signing with a contractor. You may not think of commercial window cleaning as the most important aspect of your business. But it is worth applying the same due diligence as you would elsewhere.

How to Get Started

The average cost for window cleaning depends on a multitude of factors, including your location and its climate. The age of the building and its windows influence it as much as accessibility on the building’s inside and outside.DTK Inc. has built its reputation by offering high-quality cleaning services with a strong emphasis on customer service. Our team is nothing other than an extension of your team. To find out more about how we can help you manage your window cleaning or to arrange a site visit, contact us today and get started.