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5 Benefits of Commercial Floor Cleaning Services

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What are Commercial Floor Cleaning Services?

In general, commercial floor cleaning services are far more comprehensive than the daily vacuuming and mopping you may be familiar with. They include special treatments to different high-traffic flooring areas performed by professional firms. The most reputable outsourcing cleaning companies have qualified personnel, the best industrial-grade products, and heavy-duty equipment to leave your facility’s floors spotless.

The Worldwide Cleaning Industry Association (ISSA) introduces the concept of confidence cleaning as “A process involving proper risk assessment, followed by implementing all necessary steps for cleaning and, if needed, disinfection, providing assurance that the cleaned area is safe for use and occupancy. This process also requires proper training of all cleaning staff on the determined steps needed, the steps taken, the frequency, the tools used and personal protective equipment (PPE) required.”

A leading commercial floor cleaning services company should not only be aware of this principle but also let you differentiate between the level of cleanliness you require at a specific moment, depending on your unique activities. ISSA continues explaining these levels, making particular emphasis on the current COVID-19 pandemic:

  • Level 1: Cleaning – Consists of removing dust, dirt, and debris, reducing 90% of disease-causing germs, and preparing the surface for disinfection.
  • Level 2: Sanitizing – This process lowers the level of biological agents on an object to a safe maximum. Since it is a level below disinfecting, it is usually not recommended to eliminate the SARS-CoV-2 virus.
  • Level 3: Disinfecting – Eliminates many or all pathogenic microorganisms, except bacterial spores, on inanimate objects. With this procedure, facilities can safely address COVID-19. 
  • Level 4: Sterilizing – Eliminates microbial viability and destroys all microbial life forms, either with physical methods or with chemical processes. This level usually is not recommended for most commercial environments.

You are now aware that commercial floor cleaning services go beyond what a single janitor can do on a daily basis. It may be a good time for you to review additional benefits a professional firm could provide to take the best care of your facilities’ floors. 

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5 Benefits of Hiring Commercial Floor Cleaning Services

Partnering with a leading commercial floor cleaning services company can take your facilities to the next level of safety and aesthetics. Maintaining these surfaces to keep them in good condition depends on a consistent protocol only professionals can plan and execute for you.

Let’s take a closer look at five specific benefits you could obtain reasonably quickly if you find the best commercial cleaning vendor around. 

Benefit #1: Your reopening strategy will be easier and safer

Vaccination are well underway in the United States. As more people receive their doses to obtain protection against COVID-19, and masks regulations start to become more flexible, offices, churches, restaurants, and other buildings are starting to reopen to the public.

Leaving your floor care in the hands of professionals is a pivotal decision to ensure a safe and convenient return to your clients, employees, and other facility visitors. A qualified commercial floor cleaning services company will guide you through the right CDC-compliant treatment protocol and recommend environmentally-friendly products. 

Benefit #2: Your facilities will receive more than just clean floors

As we explored above, commercial floor cleaning services imply other more complex procedures which take your routine cleanups a few steps further. Using these more intensive services will keep your floors looking new and extend its life so they don’t need replacing as often.

Since floors are likely the most noticeable surface for anyone who enters your facility, their level of cleanliness and overall condition will leave a lasting impression on visitors across the board. People could even judge your business based on the floor’s appearance. A dirty floor reflects on the company, and first impressions matter.

Therefore, effectively caring for your building’s floors will take more than regular mopping. A commercial floor cleaning service partner will help you understand the importance of implementing a comprehensive and scheduled maintenance program.

If you partner with a knowledgeable commercial cleaning firm, their staff will have all the skills and tools to complete the following floor treatment tasks:

  • Stripping: Removing accumulated layers of finish, wax, and dirt
  • Waxing: Polishing and finishing floors, giving them a shiny appearance
  • Scrubbing: Using a special machine to intensely brush or mop floors, generally with water and detergent
  • Recoating: Applying a new coat to hardwood floors
  • Burnishing: Polishing floors with special equipment to give them maximum shine
  • Carpet Extracting: Simultaneously spraying and vacuuming carpets with powerful machines to remove deep dirt and debris
  • Carpet Shampooing: Scrubbing a detergent and hot water into the carpet

Your service provider must do an in-depth analysis of the current condition of your floors, the materials they’re made of, and recommend additional maintenance procedures they might need to look their best.

Benefit #3: You will save money in the long run

Asking for several quotes will be the only way to obtain the accurate cost of commercial floor cleaning services for your unique facility needs. Make sure you ask for as many details as possible in terms of what each company includes and excludes from their services. 

Remember: Expensive is not always best and cheapest may have limitations. Compare enough options to ensure you hire a reliable company to get the job done using the most effective products and techniques. Finding the right supplier will save you money in the long run by reducing your overall operational budget.

For example, with an outsourced service, you will not have to worry about janitorial recruitment, insurance, and payroll. Ideally, your cleaning partner will also take care of purchasing all the expensive industrial-grade products they need to clean your floors, and they will take care of buying and maintaining the equipment as well. Lastly, you or your finance department will not need to invest valuable time in processing taxes.

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Benefit #4: You will decrease the chances of damaging your surfaces

Professionals will properly assess each floor surface to find the appropriate products and treatments to improve their appearance and achieve maximum cleanliness and disinfection.

With so many flooring materials available (ceramic, laminate, wood, carpets, etc.), it is critical to choose cleaning firms that know how to preserve your floors and avoid unnecessary floor maintenance and repair investments.

Benefit #5: You could delegate more services to top providers

Experienced commercial floor cleaning services often offer more than just floor care. They can take tasks ranging from routine furniture cleanups to more comprehensive cleaning projects. This is a sample of what a top professional firm may offer:

  • Day portering
  • Window cleaning
  • Pressure washing
  • Setting up events
  • Event planning
  • Setting up schools
  • Resets for classrooms and church activities
  • Specialty cleaning services and project work 
  • Landscaping projects: Mowing, edging, flower beds
  • Cleaning parking lots and other surfaces
  • Transporting waste 
  • Implementing a fogging protocol

Ask your prospects for a catalog of services. You may be surprised by the variety of things they could do to cover your facility’s maintenance needs.

The Best Commercial Floor Cleaning Services 

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