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Selecting the Best Houston Commercial Exterior Cleaning Services

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When business owners begin to think about renovating the best office space possible, they usually think about the inside of the building. What does the foyer look like? Where will the workstations be situated? 

But more and more, they are taking a closer look at the outside of the building and what it says to the world. That’s where visitors and customers make their first impression of your company. If the building is worn, unkempt, and dirty, your visitors will notice and make a negative evaluation of your business. 

If the outside is well maintained and clean, you’ll make a positive first impression. Studies show that you only have about seven seconds to make a good impression on shoppers. It’s here in external commercial areas that it makes sense to hire commercial exterior cleaning services to spruce up an existing site. Not only will it help to maintain the happiness of existing clients but perhaps draw new clients to your office space. 

Focusing on the Interior, Forgetting the Exterior

Too often, business owners focus on the interior of their business and dismiss the importance of how the exterior looks. But commercial curb appeal, like residential, will draw in more customers and visitors. When a commercial exterior looks well-kept and maintained, more people will be willing to step inside. By regularly cleaning a building’s exterior, you’ll enhance your facility’s appearance.

Due to Houston’s varied weather, commercial buildings can look worn and dirty if not well maintained. Everyday issues such as pollution, bird nesting and waste, mildew, gum, cigarette butts and dirt build-up can hurt the exterior of your building. These problems take a toll on your building’s roof, walls, sidewalks, and windows. Roof algae and artillery fungus can potentially damage your building. This wood-decaying fungus can cause long-term damage to your building’s exterior.

By cleaning the exterior of your building, you are more than likely to spot problems before they become a larger and more expensive project. For example, if your siding is beginning to wear, you’ll see it much faster when you clean it. If your exterior sidewalks are turning colors, you can get them pressure washed before they stain. All of these problems can be addressed much faster before they become costly by hiring commercial exterior cleaning services.

Maintaining the Exterior with Commercial Exterior Cleaning Services

As a commercial building owner, you need to think about the most effective way to maintain the cleanliness of the entire facility. This includes entryways, sidewalks, the roof, the parking lot, driveways, patios, and break areas. 

Each area has different types of maintenance needs and should be scheduled for regular cleaning. For example, a school’s exterior can be cleaned by pressure washing the exterior surfaces such as the walls, sidewalks, pavers, gutters, and entrances. This will remove stains from concrete and brick and put the shine back on aluminum and steel surfaces. 

A church’s exterior might include delicate stained glass cleaning and restoration. By maintaining a cleaning schedule, you’ll ensure that your building offers an attractive appearance.

Where do you start? First, take a thorough visual tour of the exterior of your building. What do you see? Ask yourself these questions:

  • Does the siding look worn or need to be replaced?
  • Is the parking lot clean and free of debris?
  • Is the landscaping tidy and manicured?
  • Is the entrance area free of trash with clean walkways?
  • Are the windows and doors shiny and free of fingerprints?
  • Are exterior and interior signs clean and accurate?

By hiring professional commercial exterior cleaning services, you’ll be maximizing your property’s value by beautifying its appearance – without having to manage it all yourself. You’ll also boost the spirits of your current tenants and employees as well as future ones who call your building their second home. 

Houston-based businesses need to take extra precautions for a building’s exterior due to the severe weather. Depending on your building’s exterior, you may need services such as hand scrubbing; pressure washing; dry-ice blasting; grit blasting, sandblasting, aluminum oxide blasting; acid cleaning; steam cleaning; sponge-jet cleaning; and methods that involve biodegradable degreasers and detergents. 

Pressure washing is one of the most popular methods to clean a large-scale building exterior. It’s fast, thorough, flexible to clean all types of exteriors such as masonry, brick, metal, vinyl, and wood. It can easily clean storefronts, windows, sidewalks, and overhead doors.

Outsource the Job

Before you decide that your own crew can take care of maintaining the exterior of your business, think of all the logistics.

  • Can they safely and easily reach the upper sections of your building like the roof and windows? 
  • Do you have the equipment needed to handle these tasks? 
  • How much will it cost to purchase, store, and maintain the equipment and supplies? 
  • Cleaning is a labor- and equipment-intensive operation. Take into account the labor hours and the necessary equipment such as scaffolds, lifts, boom trucks, and rigging for hanging scaffolding. 
  • Do you have insurance that will cover your employees if they get into an accident?

Rather than doing the job yourself, look into outsourcing the job to a commercial exterior cleaning services company. Outsourcing the job is more efficient and economical than recruiting, hiring, training, and managing your own staff.  

How to Hire a Reputable Exterior Cleaning Service

Before you choose professional commercial exterior cleaning services, take the time to vet different businesses to see which is best for you. There are many in the Houston area. 

Research the different firms online and read the customer reviews. Talk to fellow business owners in your Rotary organization or professional group to see who they might recommend. When you’ve narrowed your search, see what type of grade the Better Business Bureau gives each exterior cleaning service. 

Finally, meet with the firms that you are considering at your facility and allow them to consider the job, the height and area of your building, and its current condition. Have a face-to-face meeting and get quotes from each one in writing. Find out what special cleansers and tools they use and what timeline they would be able to complete your projects. 

There’s no better time than now to invest in your building’s appearance. A professional exterior cleaning service will play a crucial role in maintaining the value of your asset. Choosing the right company will give you valuable information about your building’s structure, cleaning needs, and future maintenance. They will ensure that your building displays its proper value, curb appeal, and reflects your important brand. A clean, well-maintained building is a billboard for your firm.
If you are seeking a reputable commercial exterior cleaning service, take a close look at DTK Facility Services. We are a Houston-based firm with a long history of happy clients. Call DTK Facility Services to get a quote today.