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Why Your Church Needs to Hire a Professional Cleaning Service

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Do you oversee daily activities at your church? Are you wondering if you should invest in professional church cleaning services?

Believe it or not, commercial building cleaning is about so much more than keeping the dirt out of your building. In today’s society, excellent janitorial cleaning services could mean the difference between a building full of parishioners and an empty sanctuary.

Here’s why you need professionals to scour your house of worship on a regular basis.

1. A Happier Congregation

The benefits of a clean house of worship go far beyond making it look tidy. It can actually put your congregants in a better frame of mind while they worship.

A clean space can help people let go of their stress while they’re in the sanctuary. It can clear their minds and help them to meditate on what’s important. Cleanliness can also spark creativity and self-confidence.

You’ll want your congregation to be in a positive frame of mind so they continue returning each week. A sparkling building can help them do just that.

2. Healthier Parishioners

In today’s day and age, many folks are concerned about attending church in person because of the fear of contracting an unwanted illness. When you hire a commercial cleaning service, you can give them the assurance that your space is being thoroughly disinfected on a regular basis.

A professional cleaning team can go beyond the surface and make sure that dust and dander are getting cleared away on a regular basis. It can also help to prevent mold from growing.

This can ensure that those prone to respiratory illnesses won’t get triggered while in church. Rashes, sinusitis, and asthma won’t be a concern.

In addition, new CDC guidelines for COVID-19 require extra cleaning protocols. Any space that gets frequently touched, such as light switches or doorknobs, need to get disinfected on a regular basis. Your staff should also be using EPA-approved disinfectants.  

With a professional cleaning service, you can let visitors know that the church is committed to the highest standards of cleanliness.

3. Keeping Your Kitchen Clean

Many churches have kitchens for events or preparing food for members of the community. Yet kitchens that aren’t properly cleaned can also be the perfect spot for germs to spread.

Sink faucets, oven handles, and refrigerators are frequently touched surfaces where E. coli or salmonella can spread. You’ll also want to be concerned with the spread of respiratory illness. Cooking utensils, cutting boards, and cloth towels also make it easy to spread germs unintentionally.

A professional cleaning team will know how to wipe and deep-clean your church kitchen so those you serve won’t need to worry about contracting illnesses. They’ll have the right equipment for scrubbing and deep cleaning. If your church has a kitchen, investing in janitorial services is well worth it.

4. Keeping Your Floors Spotless

Vacuuming and mopping in your sanctuary and meeting spaces should get done on a regular basis to prevent the spread of germs. A professional cleaning team will have the high-performance commercial vacuums and waxing machines your building needs to keep your floors looking like new.

In addition, your carpets should get shampooed annually to keep dust and mold from settling into them. Professional janitorial companies can provide this service whenever necessary.

5. Keeping Child Care Spaces Clean

Disinfecting is especially important in child-care spaces where germs can easily spread. Your cleaning team can wipe down toys, surfaces, and play mats on a regular basis.

Folks will feel more secure leaving their children in rooms where they know regular thorough cleaning is getting done. It’s important to have an experienced church-cleaning team ready to meet their needs.

When your church begins ministry to young people again, you’ll want parents to have the assurance that any spaces used by youth for sports or activities are cleaned and disinfected regularly. A professional cleaning company can help you keep these spaces spotless.

6. Cleaning Bathrooms

Your church’s bathroom has a number of high-touch surfaces that can be an easy place for germs to spread. Flushers, doorknobs, and faucets have germs leftover from previous users.

A professional cleaning team can disinfect your surfaces whenever necessary with the right kinds of cleaners. They will also have the right equipment to scrub and deep clean on a regular basis. 

You’ll want visitors to feel completely comfortable in your church building. Bathrooms can tell them a lot about your attention to detail. A professional cleaning team can make sure this gets attended to on a regular basis.

7. Focusing on Other Matters

Those working in churches know that daily operations extend to so much more than making the bulletin. There are budgets to be balanced, sick people to visit, and important decisions to make.

You may be planning ministry events or talking to hurting people on the phone. Cleaning can take away valuable time from matters that need to be attended to.

When you hire a professional service, you can be confident that your building is being thoroughly scrubbed and disinfected by professionals who know what they’re doing. And you can concentrate fully on other details of your work. 

The Value of Church Cleaning Services

Church cleaning services may seem like a big investment. Yet the peace of mind of your church staff, congregants, and visitors can all make hiring one well worth it. You’ll have a clean, healthy space that will make worship more meaningful for everyone.

Don’t stop getting a cleaner church now. For more information on quality cleaning services in the Houston area, contact us today.