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How to Choose the Best Commercial Floor Cleaning Services Possible

Nate PruittCommercial Building Cleaning

Do you run a business where busy customers track through daily? Are you looking for commercial floor cleaning services?

Professional commercial building cleaning can do more than help your business sparkle. It can give you a safer, healthier workspace, boost productivity, and even increase employee productivity. 

Yet, all floor cleaning services aren’t alike. You’ll want to do your homework before committing to regular cleanings from a professional.

Here’s what you should be looking for.

1. Experience

The right commercial cleaner for your business will have experience cleaning the kind of space you need polished. Take a look at a prospective company’s website and see if they specialize in your type of business.

If, for example, you manage a church or school, see if a particular commercial cleaner has experience with this type of cleaning. They will know exactly what to do to keep it clean, disinfected, and sparkling. 

The right commercial cleaner will know all about carpet shampooing and floor care in your type of building. They’ll also know when to pressure wash and window clean. If you have a special event coming up, they’ll know exactly how to prepare your space and clean it up afterward.

If you own a grocery store, the right commercial cleaner will have experience keep the floors of food spaces sanitary. In today’s day and age when cleanliness of the utmost importance, you’ll want to know that your commercial floor cleaner will be up to date on all of the latest standards and practices. It can give you great peace of mind to know that your space is disinfected and sanitary.

2. Recommendations and Reviews

One great way to start your search for a professional floor cleaning service is to ask for recommendations from other business owners. Don’t be afraid to ask them questions about their experiences.

Did the professionals always arrive on time? Was the job done to their satisfaction? Were there any unexpected fees?

If you can’t get any personal recommendations, you can look up local services in your area. Ask them for at least three references that you can speak to. You can also read online reviews to see what former clients are saying.

It’s common for businesses to get an occasional negative comment. You’ll want, however, to look for patterns that could tell you a lot about the business.

If, for example, several customers are saying that their business was spotless after the service was performed, you can be pretty sure you’re going to get a quality service. Yet if many are saying the staff seemed rude and inattentive, you may want to continue your search.

3. Insurance

You’ll want to make sure that your commercial cleaning service has general liability insurance, which can protect them in case someone gets hurt or property gets damaged while they’re working in your building. 

Insurance also makes sure you aren’t held liable in case someone gets damaged on your property. Make sure you ask for your cleaning service’s policy number before you hire them. You can verify it by calling the insurance company.

4. License

Your state may or may not require a cleaning service to hold a business license. In Texas, for example, smaller-scale cleaning businesses don’t require a license. Larger-scale-businesses, however, will need one if they handle a significant amount of potentially toxic chemicals.

Some local entities may also require that a local outfit have a license. Ask if your company has a license before you hire them. Verify it for your own peace of mind.

5. The Right Equipment

You’ll want to be sure that your floor cleaning service is properly outfitted with all of the latest tools and disinfectants before you hire them. Industrial-strength sprays, waxing machines, and high-performance commercial vacuums should come with the service.

Your staff should also come equipped with scrubbing tools like brushes, scrub pads, and soap scum removers. They should also be protecting themselves with proper gloves, knee pads, and shoe covers.

In today’s day of COVID-19 protocols, you’ll also want to ask about CDC-approved disinfectants and cleaners. You’ll want to make sure that your business is thoroughly deep-cleaned whenever necessary. You’ll also want to have maximum protection against germs being spread on a regular basis. 

6. The Right Price

The cost of your commercial floor cleaning service will depend upon a number of factors. The size and scope of the cleaning job, as well as your geographical area, will impact the exact cost you will be paying.

You’ll want to get estimates from at least three different local companies who’ve seen our business before you sign with one. This way, you can be certain that the price you’ll be paying is reasonable for your area. 

It’s important to get all of your fees in writing before you decide on a company. The right service will be able to explain any fees you don’t understand.

Be sure that your contract spells out how often you’ll be getting your space cleaned and what types of services will be performed. While it may go without saying, make sure you know how often you’ll be paying and check with your budget to make sure you can support it.

The Right Commercial Floor Cleaning Services

Hiring commercial floor cleaning services doesn’t have to be an overwhelming task. With a little research and the right background checks, you can have a quality outfit taking care of your business in no time.

Don’t stop getting serious about cleanliness now. For more information on quality janitorial services in Houston, contact us today.