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Are Commercial Cleaning Services Worth the Investment in 2021?

Nate PruittCommercial Building Cleaning

With the current state of affairs, commercial cleaning services are more important than ever. You want to make sure your Texas-area employees, customers, and guests are in a safe, clean environment.

You might be wondering “what is commercial cleaning and why do I need it?” We have the answers. From more productive employees to making a better first impression, we’ve rounded up eight reasons why a commercial cleaning service is worth the investment.

1. You’ll Have More Productive Employees

If cleaning your workplace is left up to your employees, this might not be the best use of everyone’s time. People who aren’t professional cleaners are less efficient. It also takes away from them doing their job.

Multi-tasking isn’t always productive. Hiring a professional cleaning service will allow the pros to take over. Your employees can get back to doing their jobs and excelling. Free up the time cleaning your office or commercial space is taking from everyone.

Employees will also be more productive in a clean environment. The cleaner the workspace, the easier it is to focus. Studies show that clutter and mess lead to anxiety and disorganization. 

2. Impress Customers

Your office or commercial space is where your customers come to do business. A professionally cleaned space will make a great first impression. Think about what environment you want to welcome guests, clients, and employees in.

Make a better first impression with a professional cleaning service. They will take care of everything from the reception desk, to the front counter, and the restrooms. Don’t overlook the importance of these areas.

A messy or unprofessional looking environment isn’t the image you want to portray. Leave it to the pros and you and your guests will walk into a freshly cleaned and professional-looking space, each day.

3. Reduce the Spread of Viruses

With everything going on in the world, it’s important to help control the spread of viruses. We use certified products known to kill viruses and bacteria.

Viruses and bacteria live on surfaces. It’s important to kill these tiny invaders. You’ll have your surfaces, desks, common areas, flooring, and bathrooms fully cleaned and sanitized.

Even in non-pandemic times, cold and flu season tends to take down a number of employees. Keep the viruses and harmful bacteria out of your office or workplace. Having our professional cleaning team come in daily or weekly will ensure your second home is safe.

4. Fewer Sick Days

Employees who get sick, need to take time off. Sick days are often a side effect of winter. To help keep employees safe and healthy, let us take care of cleaning your workplace. Your employees will stay healthy, for longer.

When sick days run rampant, it’s often a domino effect. One sick employee leads to multiple sick employees. That trickles down to kids and other family members at home.

A professionally cleaned workplace will ensure you have a healthy work environment. This means fewer sick days for themselves and their family members. You’ll have a fully staffed office and a more productive workplace.

5. Improve Employee Morale

Employees who work in a clean and professional space are happier. Anyone is happier in a nice place to work. You want your employees happy, healthy, and at the top of their game.

Boost morale with a professionally cleaned office space. Employees will also be relieved they don’t have to tackle cleaning duties on top of their normal workload as well. They can get back to doing their jobs.

Give everyone a clean and fresh place to come into each morning. You’ll see a huge boost in morale and happiness in the workplace.

6. Save Money on Cleaning Supplies

Cleaning supplies are costly. If you’re providing your own, this cost adds up. Save money and time by hiring our professional cleaning team. You will also be sure you’re getting the right products.

We also offer carpet cleaning, drapery cleaning, upholstery cleaning, and day porter services. It’s difficult to do these on your own without the proper supplies and equipment. You’ll get a much more efficient and thorough clean with commercial floor cleaning services.

7. Free Up Space

Cleaning supplies, mops, and vacuums all take up space. Make room by switching to a professional cleaning company. Your storage space could be put to a lot better use. There’s no need to keep bulky cleaning supplies and equipment when you have us coming to take care of everything.

8. Save You Money

In addition to saving on cleaning supplies and employee’s time, you’ll also save on wear and tear. If carpets aren’t cleaned professionally, they will wear down a lot quicker. Our regular cleanings will keep your carpets lasting longer.

The same goes for furniture, window treatments, kitchens, bathrooms, and other types of flooring. If you aren’t cleaning them, they will be far more likely to collect dust and grime. Over time, your surfaces, fabrics, and flooring will look dingy and faded.

Save money by investing in a cleaning service. Cleanings will keep everything looking better for longer.

Investing in Commercial Cleaning Services in 2021

Investing in commercial cleaning services is money well spent in 2021 and beyond. With workplace safety and cleanliness of the utmost importance, now is the time to make the call.

You’ll see a cleaner, more professional-looking workplace that’s ready to greet customers and keep employees safe. If you’re ready to invest in commercial cleaning for your Houston-area business, fill out the get started form to get in touch. We’ll set up a free consultation to see which services are right for you.