Commercial Deep Cleaning Services vs. Regular Maintenance Services

Commercial Deep Cleaning Services vs. Regular Maintenance Services: Which One Does Your Facility Need?

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In today’s post-COVID world, regular maintenance services and commercial deep cleaning services are both essential. Businesses turn to commercial cleaning services to provide every type of cleaning, from vacuuming floors to sanitizing high-touch areas. 

In fact, Forbes notes that there has been a mentality shift. Companies no longer clean to make their buildings look neat and tidy; they clean for health reasons. Even though the pandemic is over, people have a new appreciation for sanitization and cleaning that goes beyond the superficial. Commercial cleaning companies help businesses and organizations lower the risk of getting sick by offering regular and special services that ensure their facilities are cleaned thoroughly and correctly.

Why Hire a Professional Service for Commercial Deep Cleaning Services?

Deep cleaning a commercial facility, such as an office building, is a big project. It requires professional equipment and high-quality cleaning products. Hiring the right commercial cleaning service to do this task for you makes sense because you can trust that they will get the job done right. Benefits of a commercial cleaning service include:

  • You have trained cleaning professionals at your service.
  • You don’t have to buy and maintain expensive deep-cleaning equipment and products.
  • Reputable commercial cleaning services do background checks on their employees, and many have long-term employees they trust.
  • Commercial cleaning services keep their employees motivated with benefits, such as health insurance, and they provide their staff with the necessary specialized training to be sure they are up to date on current cleaning protocols.
  • Commercial cleaning services handle the ongoing management of their cleaning crews, so you don’t have to.
  • A professional service has all the needed equipment and maintains it for daily use – saving you the time, space, and hassle required to manage this yourself.

At first, you might think you can handle all your cleaning needs in-house, even the deep cleaning services, but when you add up all the costs and hassle that go with hiring cleaning employees, training, paying, and providing benefits to them, and maintaining equipment, etc., a commercial cleaning service ends up making more financial sense.

Why Hire a Commercial Service for Regular Maintenance Services?

Maybe you are convinced that you need a commercial cleaning service to handle your deep cleaning tasks, but you believe your regular maintenance services can be accomplished in-house. After all, regular maintenance is easier, right? Let’s take a moment to go over a few reasons why hiring a professional commercial service is an excellent choice, even for your regular maintenance.

  • Daily maintenance is constant and tedious work, and if it doesn’t get done, your facility suffers.
  • The right commercial cleaning service will create a schedule that ensures all your cleaning gets accomplished.
  • The right commercial cleaning services have quality control measures and employees who complete cleaning tasks full time, so you can be confident your cleaning will get done correctly.
  • Your company’s productivity can increase thanks to the time and responsibility that is taken off your shoulders.
  • Clean office areas are good for your business, boosting employee morale and elevating your brand.
  • Hiring a commercial cleaning company is a lot less complicated than managing an in-house janitorial service.

Do you want to be responsible for keeping your toilets and bathroom floors clean, or would you rather rely on a professional cleaning company to make sure that chore (and every other cleaning chore) gets done on a regular basis? Regular maintenance is important to everyone who uses your building, so getting it accomplished through professional services is a wise and healthy decision.

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What Can You Expect from Commercial Deep Cleaning Services?

Now that you understand why commercial cleaning services are beneficial to your company, we can help you understand the differences between the types of cleaning that are offered.

Commercial deep cleaning services may include the following tasks:

  • Carpet shampooing and extracting
  • Floorcare, such as stripping, finishing, and burnishing
  • Window cleaning, inside and out
  • Pressure washing of exteriors
  • Sanitization of equipment that doesn’t get cleaned regularly, such as monitors and printers
  • Thorough cleaning of hard-to-reach areas
  • Cleaning light fixtures
  • Extra disinfection procedures in bathrooms
  • Other tasks that are often neglected, as needed.

How Often Do You Need Deep Cleaning Services?

The frequency of deep cleaning depends on what type of facility you have. Most commercial cleaning services will want to deep clean your facility before they begin regularly maintaining it to ensure they start off with a clean building. After that initial deep clean, they may recommend you get a deep clean once or twice a year, once a month, or on some other schedule.

You may want to deep clean part or all of your building for special events, such as hosting a company party. You may choose to deep clean an office after an employee vacates it and before a new employee moves in. If you expect a health or building inspection at some point, you may choose to schedule a deep cleaning before that time of inspection to ensure your facility is as safe and clean as possible.

If your company or organization gets frequent visitors who arrive from all over the country or other parts of the world, you may choose to minimize the risk of spreading sicknesses by deep cleaning more frequently.

What Can You Expect from Regular Maintenance Services?

Regular maintenance services offered by a commercial cleaning company may include some or all of these tasks:

  • Floors are swept, vacuumed, and/or mopped.
  • Dust is wiped off of surfaces.
  • Interior glass and plexiglass surfaces, such as mirrors, windows, and partitions are cleaned.
  • Bathroom sinks, floors, and toilets are cleaned and disinfected.
  • Kitchen areas are cleaned and disinfected.
  • Doors and window frames are wiped down.
  • Cobwebs are brushed away.
  • Garbages are emptied.

How Often Do You Need Regular Maintenance Services?

Regular maintenance is, by definition, needed on a regular basis. These are the cleaning tasks that are needed the most frequently. Some regular maintenance plans may include daily or weekly services. 

You may want to plan a schedule that includes some tasks, such as bathroom cleaning, on a daily or bi-weekly basis, while other tasks, such as dusting and vacuuming, occur on the weekend or a Friday evening. Most commercial cleaning services will offer a level of flexibility when it comes to scheduling, so they disrupt your business as little as possible.

Which Cleaning Service Should You Get?

When you hire a commercial cleaning service, it is important to remember that the benefits of a deep clean do not come with regular maintenance services. If deep cleaning is essential to your business, then you need to hire a commercial cleaning company that offers commercial deep cleaning services. 

It is also important to note that deep cleaning your facility once or twice a year is not going to keep your facility clean every day of the year. Your bathrooms are going to get dirty again. Your windows will get fingerprints on them. Dust will collect on your desks and computer equipment. Floors will get scuffed and tracked with dirt from the outdoors. 

Deep cleaning does do a more thorough job of cleaning than regular maintenance does, and it may kill more germs than regular maintenance kills, but it doesn’t miraculously shield your facility from getting dirty again.

That is why you need both commercial deep cleaning services and regular maintenance services. The deep cleaning gives your building a thorough sanitization and scrub-down, while regular maintenance helps keep everything tidy and clean while sanitizing high-touch areas frequently.

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How to Choose a Commercial Cleaning Service

So how do you choose a good commercial cleaning service that will work with you to get the clean you need without any extra hassle? Here are the top things to look for.

Do They Offer a Wide Variety of Services?

Choose a reputable commercial cleaning service with a full range of cleaning services, including both commercial deep cleaning services and regular maintenance services. This will give you options for both or all types of cleaning. 

Do They Hire Responsibly?

Make sure the company hires responsibly, doing thorough background checks of all employees, so you can trust the people who will be cleaning your building on a regular basis. Ask the company for professional references, and then follow up on those references. Ask questions about all the types of services you desire in your own facility.

Do They Seem Invested in Your Specific Needs?

Most commercial cleaning companies will want to walk through your facility with you first, so they can do an analysis of your precise needs and come up with an accurate estimate of how much cleaning is needed and what it will cost. 

This is a good time for you to discuss deep cleaning expectations. Ask them to describe in detail what their deep cleaning services achieve and how they will benefit you and your company. Ask about cleaning products and whether they are environmentally friendly

How is Their Customer Service Record?

Take into account the company’s customer service. Are they responsive to your phone calls and messages? Are they polite and courteous? Do they answer questions about billing and quality control with an openness and transparency that you can trust? Are they cheerfully willing to tailor their services to your needs and budget? Choose a company that you are comfortable with. If anything seems off or unprofessional, consider looking for a different option.

Get the Clean You Need From a Dependable Source

The cleanliness of your commercial building matters. It matters to you, to your employees, and to everyone who enters your facility. DTK values integrity, quality, and dependability just as much as you do, and for over 25 years we’ve offered commercial cleaning services that you can depend on. Contact DTK today to get a quote for both the commercial deep cleaning services and regular maintenance services your business needs.