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Eco-Friendly Supplies for Building Cleaning Services

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What Makes a Cleaning Product Eco-Friendly for Building Cleaning Services?

Covid-19 gave a new sense of awareness to young and old alike. Despite many changes and adaptations, we can also say that things have changed for the better. 

Our society, in general, has awakened to a new consciousness about the importance of keeping shared spaces clean and taking better care of ourselves and our planet. As a result, building cleaning services have significantly benefited from the pandemic and at the same time had to incorporate prudent measures to provide their services.

The global market for contract cleaning services was valued at $292.6 billion in 2019 and is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6.1% from 2020 to 2027. Now, more than ever, companies want to invest in safe, healthy spaces. 

Eco-friendly products are essential to sustain and protect the environment during this growth. Therefore, cleaning companies are switching to these products to benefit everyone. Following the spread of COVID-19, cleaning service companies found a remarkable chance to expand their market opportunities, delivering what we all desire: a clean and safe space to live and work.

Why Do Cleaning Industries Need to Generate a New Consciousness?

For years now, awareness to protect the environment has been increasing. Different industries are currently being held responsible for ensuring their activities and products do not harm the environment.

Climate change is not only a relevant issue for future generations; it affects us all as we see the impact of global warming, the severe weather conditions we are facing, and the difficulties of people without access to clean water supplies.

According to the Nasa website, the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, an international framework signed by all United Nations (U.N.) member states in 2015, outlines 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) with associated targets and indicators. The vision of the SDG framework encourages every country to assume responsibility for planning and providing better outcomes for future generations, leaving no one behind.

Cleaning industry standards are among the highest in the world due to their impact. The cleaning industry’s demands and trends are becoming increasingly influential, making it necessary to fully comprehend how humans interact with their environment to produce better results.

Considering the competitive landscape has drastically changed, it’s vital to explore the new trends that may positively impact the cleaning industry to improve building cleaning services. Differentiating with eco-friendly products and promoting environmental awareness can position your business in a good spot.

Five key learning points to consider for building cleaning services: 

  1. The importance of environmental protection 
  2. Your business’s environmental impact 
  3. Which practical techniques you can use to reduce your carbon footprint 
  4. Incorporating the Reduce, Reuse, Recycle method of waste reduction 
  5. Being aware of the critical pieces of environmental legislation

What Does Green Cleaning Mean?

Cleaning companies must continue to find ways to remain competitive in today’s market, and eco-friendly products are indeed a plus. But what does green cleaning mean?

Green cleaning means using cleaning products and practices that are safer for both human and environmental health. In the case of building cleaning services, this means that companies that use high-quality cleaning products that do not contain toxic ingredients are making a positive impact. 

Cleaning products are not regulated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, as they do not fall under the category of food, beverages, or ingested drugs. However, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requires manufacturers to list the active ingredients or potentially harmful disinfectants.

What Are the Benefits of Going Green? 

Environmentally friendly products are often less harmful, as they don’t contain toxic chemicals and present fewer health risks. Exposure to chemicals and toxins can potentially cause irreparable damage to our bodies, water, air, and ecosystem. 

People with compromised immune systems and health issues should also rely on them because, generally, they are considered safer.

How nice would it be to spend most of your time in a clean and safe environment where you can comfortably breathe? We can also look at the following benefits:

Green Cleaning is Less Expensive:

Although some green cleaners are pricier than many conventional products, using them can cost savings over the long term. Many green products are concentrated and multi-purpose. Green cleaning may also reduce the risk of employee sick leave and chemical spills. 

Green Cleaning is Healthier for You, Your Tenants, and Your Employees.

Sadly, chemical poisoning is a reality. Cleaning products make up a significant number of adult poison exposures, even more so in children. Switching from traditional cleaning products to eco-friendly ones creates a safer environment for adults with vulnerable health and children. 

Green Cleaners Help Your Facilities Last Longer.

Unlike conventional cleaning products, green cleaning products use safe, non-toxic, and biodegradable ingredients that help maintain your belongings’ longevity. Harsh chemicals, such as bleach and ammonia can damage surfaces immediately and over time. And if these two chemicals mix, inhaling the vapors can be deadly. 

The use of eco-friendly products also contributes to:

  • Reduced exposure to toxic chemicals.
  • Reduce the incidence of asthma attacks caused by dust and chemical allergens.
  • Improve indoor air quality by reducing airborne dust and chemical gases.
  • Reduce air and water pollution. 
  • Help fight ozone depletion and climate change.

What to Look for When Selecting Sustainable Cleaning Products

When selecting cleaning products, look for manufacturers and distributors that can provide more sustainable cleaning chemicals to help minimize their environmental impact.

Manufacturers advertise their eco-friendly and healthier cleaning products, but you should know that some products advertise that they are more natural and environmentally friendly than they are. This marketing ploy even has become so common, it has its name, “greenwashing.”

According to Clean Water Action, some aspects to consider in safe green cleaning products include:

  • biodegradable 
  • non-toxic
  • bulk packaging
  • recyclable packaging
  • packaging from recycled materials
  • phosphate-free
  • label with full disclosure of all active and inactive ingredients
  • natural fragrances
  • free of dyes, hypochlorite, and chlorine

Before choosing a building cleaning services company, ask if they provide the above, as well as:

  • Engineered water products like hydrogen peroxide, ozone, and other on-site generated solutions
  • Products with low or no odors or fragrances
  • Water-based (not solvent-based) cleaning chemicals
  • Telemetry on equipment, providing actionable data for improving energy efficiency
  • Autonomous floor care or robots that maximize productivity increase efficiency and optimize safety

Providing Cleaning Services You Can Trust

Remember, “First impressions count.” Whether you’re a property owner, occupant, or both, you’ll want to ensure your property is clean and safe from Covid-19. A well-maintained building reflects the standards and ideals of its owners.

We all can build a new consciousness knowing that no matter how small each decision impacts the planet, you can advocate for a safe, healthy work environment. You are doing your part to protect the well-being of people and the earth.

If you are looking for environmentally friendly cleaning solutions, DTK Facility Services offers a complete line of earth-friendly, high-quality commercial cleaning supplies and equipment to keep your facilities clean and safe. Let DTK’s reliable and hard-working team take care of your facility’s cleaning needs. We are here for you.