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How Much Do Commercial Office Cleaning Services Cost?

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In the current post-pandemic climate, it’s more important than ever to make sure you clean your office space regularly and thoroughly. People are excited to be back, but you need your employees, customers, and visitors to feel confident that their workplace is safe. To ensure proper cleaning, many business owners choose to contract commercial office cleaning services.  

Why Choose Commercial Office Cleaning Services 

Despite a commitment to hygiene and safety, handling commercial office cleaning yourself can be overwhelming. It can be hard to ask your cleaning crew to go above and beyond their regular routine. You also need to be confident that your staff and management are up to date on the latest health and maintenance recommendations provided by the government and medical experts.  

With public concern about hygiene at the forefront, you also want clients and customers to enter the facility and recognize your efforts to maintain a clean, safe office space. This maintenance often requires staff to clean more regularly than in the past.  

How to Evaluate Commercial Office Cleaning Services 

As with any business decision, you should do ample research before choosing a cleaning service. Consider cleaning and maintenance standards, employee management issues, and cost when evaluating a potential service.  


With the emergence of Covid-19, cleaning has taken on many new dimensions. The standards for cleaning are now more specific and detailed. Be sure you are hiring a cleaning company that not only recognizes those standards but also confirms that all employees adhere to them.  

Government regulations 

Companies must meet government regulations related to cleaning, so you need a cleaning crew that knows and follows them. Environmental regulations also apply, both regarding how to perform maintenance and which materials to use.   

Brand management and reputation

You and your company have your own high standards for cleaning, and you want to be sure that you and the cleaning crew are on the same page.  


Be certain you are hiring a commercial office cleaning service that provides insurance for their workers in case of an on-the-job injury.  

Staff reliability

When contracting a commercial office cleaning service, staff reliability and safety can be significant issues. Ask about background checks and other employment standards when interviewing potential companies.  


Finally, cost is clearly a crucial part of any business decision. Bids from potential cleaning companies should be straightforward, with costs and any additional fees clearly outlined.  

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How to Review Bids for Commercial Office Cleaning Services 

No company or individual wants to pay more for something than is necessary. To make sure you have the right service, you’ll need to seek bids.   

As tempting as it can be, the cheapest bid might not offer the best return on your investment. Likewise, hiring the most expensive company doesn’t necessarily mean you will receive better service.  

When you request bids from cleaning companies, ask them to spell out the specifics of what the estimate does and does not include. More detailed bids allow you to make better decisions about which commercial office cleaning service to contract.   

Comparing Flat Rate Fees and Hourly Rate Fees

Commercial office cleaning services generally charge in one of two ways: flat rate or hourly rate. While neither is particularly better than the other, it is important to consider your company’s unique cleaning needs as you evaluate them. These needs include how often you want the crew to provide the service and how long it will take them to clean.  

Flat Rate 

One option is to pay a flat rate fee for cleaning. With a flat rate, your company pays a certain amount for the cleaning service provided no matter how long the cleaning takes. The contract spells out both the services and the price.  

If you want to hire a service for regular cleaning, a flat rate is usually the best option.  

Hourly Rate 

The other option is to pay the cleaning crew an hourly rate. The cleaning company should be able to provide a fairly accurate estimate as to how long the job will take, then give you their hourly rate.  

An hourly rate might be best for a one-time clean or a specific job.  

Factors That Impact Cost of Commercial Office Cleaning Services 

Although most companies should be able to provide a general estimate of hourly rates, certain factors will impact the final price of commercial office cleaning services.  


Perhaps the most significant is the square footage of your facility. To provide you with an accurate estimate, the account manager will need an estimate of the size of the space that needs cleaning. Obviously, the larger the space, the more cost involved. Bigger areas take longer, require more workers, and use more cleaning materials to get the job done.  

However, some commercial office cleaning services will offer reduced rates to land the contract on larger spaces.  

Bathrooms and Windows 

Another important factor can be the number of bathrooms and windows that need cleaning. Bathrooms are more time-consuming to clean than other areas, such as conference rooms or hallways. 

Windows also take more time to clean. In some cases, the staff maintains them regularly. This service might include the windows on the doors entering your office space. In other cases, the crew cleans windows as part of a rotating schedule.  


The additional cleaning needs created by the pandemic can mean a higher cost for certain kinds of spaces and types of businesses. Offices with many high-touch areas will need more regular cleaning. The same goes for spaces used for medical or health services. State and federal regulations can also impact the cost of cleaning for your commercial office space.  

Cleaning Products 

Make sure that the bid specifies which party is responsible for providing cleaning products. If you are concerned about environmental issues, you will also want to review the products in use. 

The Office Space 

Every building is different. An accurate estimate will take the unique requirements of your space into account.  

One example is floor surfaces. Will they need to be vacuumed or mopped? Do you have marble floors or wood floors that might require some special care in the cleaning process? 

Specialized services and unique areas can also impact the cost. Services such as dusting and kitchen cleaning can be more time-consuming and, therefore, more expensive.  

Perhaps certain spaces in your office need a deep clean. While this might not be part of regularly scheduled cleaning, periodic deep cleaning services can impact the cost of cleaning services. 

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Choosing Commercial Office Cleaning Services

You want your office to be clean so your employees, customers, and clients feel safe in the environment. As a business owner, consider the benefit of hiring a professional to make sure your space reflects your personal and professional values.  

If you’re looking to hire a commercial cleaning company in Houston that cares about quality, DTK Facility Services is here for you. Contact us today for a custom quote on our commercial office cleaning services.