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How to Choose Commercial Disinfecting and Sanitizing Cleaning Services

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The last year has made many business owners rethink their cleaning and hygiene routines. With the pandemic subsiding, professional disinfecting and sanitizing cleaning services continue to be essential to businesses as they reopen. Whether you’re considering contracting commercial cleaners for the first time or you’re thinking of making a change, this guide will help you make an informed decision.  

What Are Disinfecting and Sanitizing Cleaning Services? 

Before you start researching companies, you’ll need to know more about sanitizing cleaning services. Let’s start with the basics: the difference between cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting.  


Cleaning is the most basic of the three processes. It involves removing dirt, dust, debris, or other impurities from a surface. You can clean by scrubbing with soap and water, for example. Cleaning can physically remove germs, which reduces the amount of them on a surface and makes it less likely that they will spread. 


Sanitizing and disinfecting are similar, and it’s easy to confuse the two. Sanitizing reduces the number of germs on a surface to a level that is acceptable under public health standards, by cleaning or disinfecting. This process lowers the possibility of spreading infection.  


Disinfecting is the most intense of the three processes. It requires chemicals purposely designed to kill specific germs or microorganisms that cause disease. By disinfecting a surface, you may not be cleaning it because you aren’t focusing on removing dirt or dust.  

Professional Disinfecting and Sanitizing Cleaning Services 

Since they involve eliminating germs, disinfecting and sanitizing cleaning services are more involved than general cleaning. They require specialty products that eliminate germs and, in many cases, viruses. In the post-pandemic environment, these services are fundamental to ensuring spaces are safe for workers, customers, and visitors.  

The Environmental Protection Agency provides a register of products that adequately disinfect for a specific pest, bacteria, or virus. For example, the EPA has a list of products that kill coronavirus (Covid-19). A professional service will adhere to EPA-approved chemicals and provide details if customers request them.  

Types of Disinfecting and Sanitizing Cleaning Services  

Professional cleaning companies provide a range of cleaning, disinfecting, and sanitizing services. While your needs will depend on your type of business, you can expect to find the following services:  

• Daily maintenance 

• Floor care and carpet cleaning 

• Window cleaning (internal and external) 

• Pressure washing 

More experienced companies may offer event setup and other specialty cleaning services. 

Specialized Services for Covid-19 

With the onset of the pandemic, cleanliness and sanitation have taken on new meaning. Luckily, certain cleaning products and other chemicals are effective against Covid-19. A professional cleaning service can offer fogging and other specialized services that follow CDC recommendations.  

What Kinds of Businesses Use Cleaning Services? 

Disinfecting and sanitizing cleaning services can be a wise choice for businesses in a variety of industries. Examples include office buildings, churches, schools, and retail stores.  

Office buildings 

Whether a multi-building complex or a single building, offices can be great candidates for commercial cleaning services. A professional company will be able to provide adequate staff no matter the time of day and the size of the facility. They know how to navigate the complexities of foot traffic without inconveniencing employees or visitors.  

Pest control can also be a significant issue in offices, given the tendency for workers to eat at their desks. Unlike in-house janitorial staff, professional cleaners incorporate a pest management routine into their regular cleaning schedule.  


With high numbers of visitors in a short period of time, churches present particular challenges in terms of cleaning. Cleaning services can offer the flexibility needed to maintain the space both during services and throughout the week.  


Schools offer a unique set of issues, such as numerous high-touch areas, rapid wear and tear, and the need to clean up after groups of children. They can also be more heavily regulated in terms of approved chemicals and background checks. A professional will be well-versed in the needs of the education community and willing to work with the administration. 


For retail stores, effective cleaning can be make-or-break for business. Research shows that shoppers consider cleanliness, such as smells, floors, stains, and other issues, when making purchasing decisions. Commercial cleaning services ensure maintenance and hygiene, with a focus on the spaces customers see most.  They also allow salespeople to concentrate on customers instead of maintenance.  

Benefits of Hiring a Professional Cleaning Service 

As the experts in their field, commercial disinfecting and sanitizing cleaning services can offer benefits that even the most dedicated in-house janitorial staff can’t. A few principal benefits include value, convenience, professional expertise, and quality. 

High-Quality Work 

As with anything, experts are experts for a reason. A responsible commercial cleaner will provide experienced, well-trained, and knowledgeable staff. They will also have access to modern equipment and cleaning supplies, backed by industry research and standards.  

Professional Expertise 

While we may be most concerned about Covid-19 at the moment, there are dozens of other laws, regulations, and health recommendations related to cleaning and sanitizing. A professional service stays up to date on the industry, making sure to incorporate new research into their daily routines. They are also aware of necessary regulations, many of which could have implications for your business.  

Cleaning chemicals also have OSHA and other health rules regarding their use, such as how long they need to sit before drying, interactions with other chemicals, and the need for protective clothing. Commercial cleaners ensure their staff understands the ins and outs of the supplies they use, so they know how to protect themselves, care for the building, and provide excellent service.  


Maintaining the cleanliness of your facility will extend its lifespan, reducing replacement and repair costs. While in-house staff can perform this service, a professional cleaner will have a standardized routine that focuses on areas that need special attention. This attention can reduce mold and mildew, two weather-related issues in our region.  

Professional cleaning companies also offer services that you may not have on the top of your mind, such as periodic deep cleaning or seasonal maintenance. Reminders about necessary upkeep can help you protect your infrastructure investment. 


As a stand-alone service with its own employees, a cleaning company can work around your business’s schedule. This flexibility allows you to maintain the cleanliness of your facility without inconveniencing your employees, visitors, or clients.   

Outsourcing your cleaning services also frees up your human resources department, so they can focus on attracting and retaining the best employees in your core business. Examples include background checks and training for the cleaning staff.  

Discover the difference commercial disinfecting and sanitizing cleaning services can make to your business. At DTK Facility Services, we have 25 years of experience in the industry. Today, we offer services at over 500 locations. Contact us now for more information.