How to Determine if Professional Church Cleaning Is Worth It

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Professional church cleaning is an ideal solution for all church sizes, helping to improve both the building and grounds. Choosing a professional cleaning company can enhance cleanliness and safety, prevent wear and tear to your church and furnishings, and create a welcoming first impression to all. For ministers, staff, and members, it can ease burdens, shorten task lists, and free up valuable time. Even with all those benefits, choosing a professional service may be a big decision for your church, so it’s important to evaluate your cleaning needs and explore the reasons to hire a professional church cleaning service. 

Is Your Church as Clean as It Could Be?

One of the first questions to ask yourself is whether you feel your church is clean enough right now. Do you, your staff, church members, and other users of the building and grounds feel safe, comfortable, and focused there? Are there any areas that could use more attention? Does your church have educational facilities with additional cleaning standards that must be met?

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Churches today offer so much more than weekly services. Many host a variety of meetings and activities in addition to community services, such as daycares, preschools, after-school care, community programming, and more. Churches that offer childcare or education programs may also need to meet legal requirements for cleaning and sanitation. Busy churches typically need extensive, regular cleaning, which can be challenging to keep up with.

In short, if you feel your church facilities aren’t reaching the level of cleanliness they could, choosing a professional cleaning service can be a valuable service for your congregation.

Volunteers as Your Cleaning Crew

Chances are, especially if your church is smaller, your cleaning tasks are completed by a small group of volunteers from your congregation. Dedicated volunteers are a priceless resource for every church, but cleaning the church is time-consuming and can hinder efforts toward other ministries and service opportunities. Volunteers cannot accomplish everything, even with the best of intentions.

In addition, a group of eager volunteers will only be effective if someone is willing to take on the chore of being in charge. Either a staff member or volunteer must organize cleaning jobs and people to ensure all daily, weekly, monthly, and annual tasks are accounted for throughout the year. 

For churches that hire and rely on an in-house janitor or cleaning person, there are times when vacations, illness, and simply running out of time and energy can lead to gaps and incomplete cleanings. Hiring a reliable, professional cleaning company ensures that a team always shows up when you need them and gets the full job done, following any new cleaning guidelines or standards that may exist. You can trust that your cleaning needs will be completed with promptness and accuracy.

If your current cleaning crew is feeling overwhelmed, a professional cleaning service can give those valuable members of your congregation time to serve in other areas of the church. 

Reasons Your Church May Need More Cleaning

Let’s face it, some churches just need more cleaning than others. Common reasons for this include:

  • The size of the building.  Larger buildings will naturally require more cleaning because there’s simply more space. Larger size churches typically involve more people, more restrooms, and more overall use, resulting in additional cleaning needs. 
  • The building’s age or unique characteristics.  Older church buildings will often require more detailed cleaning and may have some other special requirements, such as cleaning large stained glass windows or a lot of wood finishes. Older buildings may also require more frequent cleaning since dust, mold, and mildew may occur more frequently as buildings age, especially in areas that retain moisture or have poor ventilation.
  • The church’s weekly schedule.  Buildings that are used more frequently will need to be cleaned and sanitized more often. A steady stream of people in and out of the building tracks in dust and dirt throughout a large part of the facility.
  • Special events at the church. Taking part in weddings and funerals is an incredibly meaningful role for any church. Ensuring a clean, safe facility for those events is important. Of course, hosting special events will likely require additional deep cleaning after the events are over.
  • Other activities in the church. Some churches organize numerous activities and events for their congregation or communities. This may require extra before and after cleaning sessions—regularly or in conjunction with various festivals, gatherings, and other intermittent events. Examples include Lenten fish fries, Meals on Wheels preparation, Easter and Christmas celebrations, religious speakers, concerts, and vacation bible school.

If your church fits one or more of these characteristics, choosing a professional church cleaning service will greatly benefit the church’s cleaning needs.

The Benefits of Hiring a Professional Church Cleaning Service

As mentioned, hiring a professional cleaning service offers a variety of savings and benefits that can improve the everyday effectiveness of your church and let you focus on ministry. Consider how these factors affect your decision:

Saving Time and Decreasing Responsibility

As mentioned, using a reliable, trustworthy professional cleaning service allows a multitude of cleaning tasks to be taken care of quickly and efficiently, by a company that is updated on all the current methods and standards, for a perfect clean. Pastors, staff, and volunteers can focus on other needs in the church and community.  But not only can you be confident that the staff is caring for your building’s cleaning needs, you can also avoid the many human resource responsibilities that come with hiring an in-house cleaning staff.  A professional cleaning company will handle all those time-consuming tasks, such as interviewing workers, performing background checks, managing payroll and benefits, organizing ongoing training, and supervising the cleaning staff throughout the day.

Saving on Costs, Space, and Equipment

The right professional cleaning crew will already have access to reliable, top-quality cleaning equipment. Specialized equipment, tools, cleaning products, and more will be supplied as needed. 

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Not only will you not have to find a space to store necessary equipment (or try to clean properly without it), but you’ll also avoid the equipment purchases and repair expenses, the cleaning supply expenses, and other overhead expenses. A reputable team will have the skills and knowledge to clean properly and effectively, so the whole process can take less time, money, and resources yet still achieve exceptional results.

Hygienic and Safe Cleaning Protocols

Professional cleaning companies implement a wide variety of safe, environmentally friendly cleaning products and processes that have been proven to meet high cleanliness standards. This means healthier conditions for those doing the cleaning, the congregation, and anyone else using the church’s facilities. It is also an ideal way to be good stewards of the earth and its resources. Look for a company that uses eco-friendly cleaning supplies.

Consistent and Reliable Personnel 

Cleaning is about much more than vacuuming and dusting your church. With dozens, sometimes hundreds, of people utilizing your facilities daily or weekly, you need a consistent staff to ensure it looks its best.  Professional cleaning services can be scheduled for any time your church needs them, often on short notice. 

Since a professional cleaning service handles all the scheduling and has staff on duty during a variety of time frames, you won’t have to worry about disrupting a specific person during their time off if a need arises at an inconvenient time. You can simply contact the cleaning service that you already have a relationship with and get the task taken care of.

Get Started with Professional Church Cleaning Services

Professional church cleaning services are designed to meet the special needs of churches and their diverse, vital roles in the community. For over 25 years, DTK Facility Services has been a trusted provider of the cleaning services that churches need. We can take care of everything, top to bottom, with services including: 

  • Daily maintenance
  • Carpet shampooing and extraction
  • Floor care, including stripping, finishing and burnishing
  • Window cleaning and pressure washing
  • Event planning and setup
  • Setup and cleanup for church school programs and other church activities
  • Specialty cleaning services

Hiring a professional cleaning service for your church does more than just keep things clean. It’s an ideal way to be a good steward of your facility and your resources of time, finances, and people, enabling everyone to focus on the church’s ministries and mission. With our commitment to integrity, quality, and dependability, DTK is ready to fulfill your church cleaning needs. Contact us to get started with a custom quote.