How to Get an Accurate Office Cleaning Services Quote

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Commercial cleaning is a growing industry and one that is important to the American economy. In fact, the market for commercial cleaning services in the US has grown steadily from 2010 to 2019, reaching $77.25 billion. This represents a growth rate of 150 percent in less than ten years. While commercial office cleaning makes financial sense for individual businesses, it needs to be budgeted and controlled accurately. 

Obtaining a realistic office cleaning services quote is part of this budgeting process. While janitorial services may seem like an afterthought to many business owners, experienced facilities managers know how underestimating commercial cleaning costs can have dire financial consequences. 

Read on to find how businesses like yours can get a realistic office cleaning services quote to simplify financial planning.

Why Getting a Realistic Office Cleaning Services Quote can be Difficult

Over the past decade or so, most of us have gotten used to organizing our daily lives with the help of online resources. This applies to personal purchases as well as professional buying decisions. Clicking a button to request a quote has become commonplace. 

In some cases, such as business insurance quotes, you may need to supply a certain amount of detail about your company and the nature of the business. Based on that, underwriters and insurers weigh up the risk and return a quote. 

Compared to insurance, asking for an office cleaning services quote is easy. You specify the size of the office, and many providers in the Houston area will provide you with a quote. But did you know that your quote may not even have been compiled by a human being? 

Online-only quotes are often provided by algorithms, meaning they are based on a mathematical model instead of your company’s requirements. Can math be wrong? Unfortunately, the answer is yes when it comes to commercial cleaning. The consequence could be a nasty surprise when you receive your final bill, as actual office cleaning costs far exceed the quote you initially reviewed. 

At best, your facilities manager can take the hit and recoup the money elsewhere. However, you may face serious budgeting problems depending on the amount in question.

How to Obtain a Correct Quote

Obtaining an accurate and reliable office cleaning services quote is easier than you might think, but it isn’t done online. In order to ensure accuracy, you’ll need to find a reliable, professional cleaning company that will come to your premises to assess the job. Commercial office cleaners in Houston can provide this service for you. 

A reputable cleaning company will come to you and will discuss your specific needs with you. Rather than offering a flat rate based on an algorithm, they will offer an office cleaning services quote tailored to your business. 

Personalized service does not mean you have to entirely forego the convenience of online quotes. They are often a good start and help the contractor visiting you get a general idea of the job. In addition, they may trigger specific questions which can be clarified in person. However, your commercial cleaning contractor can only fully scope out the job once they see the facility. 

Considerations for an Accurate Office Cleaning Quote

By the time a reputable commercial cleaning contractor supplies you with a quote, they have already done quite a bit of work to win your contract. As a facilities manager or business owner, you can prepare several things that will help ensure you receive an accurate office cleaning services quote.

1. Clarify Your Expectations

Most commercial cleaning contractors will visit your offices armed with questions to help them understand your needs. The clearer your expectations are, the easier it is for the contractor to fulfill them. 

Likewise, the more detail you can provide to your potential office cleaning contractor, the easier it will be for them to prepare a precise quote. 

Many large offices have high-traffic spaces that need to be cleaned several times every day, whereas other spaces are rarely used. Understanding where constant care is required as opposed to a weekly check can make a huge difference to the service cost.

2. Define the Scope of the Job

Very few office-based businesses expect their employees to complete any cleaning duties. At the same time, commercial cleaners disrupting normal daily working hours to clean desks is not acceptable. 

Your potential contractor needs to understand which jobs can and must be completed during office hours and what needs to be done at other times. They also need to know whether certain areas of your facility require additional precautions, such as personal protective equipment. 

Apart from basic office cleaning, you may want to consider a commercial cleaning contractor that offers additional services. The idea is simple: once your business has established a relationship with a contractor you trust, it makes sense to use the same company for jobs like window cleaning and taking care of outdoor areas. 

3. Square Footage, Personnel, and Time

Square footage, personnel, and the time required to clean your offices thoroughly are three factors your contractor needs to consider before supplying a quote. 

Seeing your company first-hand and perhaps taking the time to walk around your facilities is the best way for them to understand your requirements. 

Square footage alone simply does not tell the whole story. The type of flooring you have will influence the time and staff required. In some cases, your contractor may suggest starting with a deep-clean session and then scheduling regular maintenance cleaning sessions. Whether this makes sense for your business depends on the type of cleaning services your company has used so far, but it is not something that can be assessed via an online quote.

4. Specialty Cleaning Requirements

Superficially, office cleaning may mean nothing other than a quick vacuum and a quick wipe of your employees’ desks. Quite often, though, there is more to the job than meets the eye. 

Take office carpets, for example. Carpets can be dirty to the point where they become a health hazard long before they look dirty. They may harbor mold spores or dust mites that negatively influence office air quality. 

Other office spaces, such as bathrooms, may require disinfecting. High-traffic surfaces may also require your cleaning contractor’s staff to clean repeatedly during the day. Both clients and contractors need to be aware of any pandemic-related requirements, too. All those specialist requirements need to be clear for a complete office cleaning services quote. 

5. Ask Questions

Once you receive your quote, review it thoroughly, and do not be afraid to ask questions. Mistakes and misunderstandings are normal, but many of them can be dealt with before problems arise if both parties make sure the quote is clear. 

Naturally, it is always possible for things to change. If your contractor discovers additional problems, for example, they may need to communicate with you about adjustments. That said, having taken the time and care to prepare an accurate quote, these issues should be minimal. 

Ask for a Accurate Quote Today  

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