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Local Office Carpet Cleaning: What You Need to Know

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When it comes to first impressions, there are no second chances. This is not only true when you meet new people – the same rules apply when you are setting foot into an office building. Commercial local office carpet cleaning is the perfect solution for your business in the Houston area. 

Not only will a reputable cleaning contractor help you make the perfect first impression, but their services will also ensure you are providing a safe, healthy working environment to your tenants, staff, and visitors. 

Local Office Carpet Cleaning Is About More Than Just Looks

Great quality office carpets add to the professional appearance of your workplace. This is true whether you are renting dozens of office units in a large building or are simply looking after a small office for a handful of staff. 

However, carpets do more than simply add a touch of color or style to your facility. They also absorb sound and minimize noise within an office space. As a result, employees are better able to focus, and productivity grows. In addition, if your building has several floors, office carpets absorb the sound of steps above and below. 

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Can Help to Avoid Health Hazards

On the other hand, office carpets can become a health hazard without careful, professional care. They can harbor germs and cause the air quality in the entire building to deteriorate. 

In high-traffic areas, dust and dirt carried in via the soles of people’s shoes can accumulate. Often, the dirt contains invisible pollutants like mold spores which can become embedded deep in the fibers of your carpet. 

Vacuuming alone is not always enough to remove these pollutants, and they can become a health hazard over time. 

Even something as seemingly innocent as a spilled glass of water can cause mold to grow rapidly. Long before mold spores cause unsightly stains, they can trigger allergic reactions in the people working in your building. They may trigger asthma attacks in anyone suffering from this chronic condition and cause other respiratory problems. Hiring a commercial local office carpet cleaning contractor will keep these problems in check and help you avoid any bigger problems in the future. 

How Office Carpet Cleaning Works

Vacuuming office carpets should be part of your normal office cleaning routine. However, vacuuming alone cannot remove dirt, spores, and dust mites that have become deeply embedded within your carpet. 

Professional local office carpet cleaners apply specific cleaning products for your office flooring. They use shampooing and extraction techniques far superior to a simple vacuum. 

Not every office carpet is the same. Depending on the amount of foot traffic you expect in specific areas, most companies choose wear-resistant types of carpet that can withstand a lot of wear and tear. When deep cleaning the carpets, it is important to understand which materials are compatible with specific cleaning products and which cleaning technique works efficiently in your building. This is where the expertise of commercial local office carpet cleaning can start to help. 

Steam cleaning and shampooing are both popular methods for commercial carpet cleaning. Both can remove stubborn stains and deep-clean your carpets. Which one is more suitable for your business depends on the size of the space, furnishings, and other factors. 

Do You Need to Disinfect?

In some cases, even commercial cleaning is not enough. Depending on the nature of your business, you may need to consider disinfecting your office carpets. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have published guidance for cleaning and disinfecting spaces in relation to the coronavirus pandemic. 

While office carpets are not considered high-touch areas, and it would be unlikely for your flooring to play a role in transmitting the virus, disinfecting may still be a good choice. If your office or the entire office building has been closed for some time, general cleanliness and air quality may have suffered. 

Unused office spaces are often poorly ventilated. Consequently, even if there were few people in the space, mold and dust mites may have accumulated. Thorough carpet cleaning and disinfecting with a product approved by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) will give your tenants and staff peace of mind. 

Benefits of Choosing a Local Contractor

When you are looking to hire a contractor for local office carpet cleaning, it is essential to take the time and do your research. There are several benefits to hiring a locally based contractor. 

Compared to big cleaning chains, local contractors generally offer a more personalized service rather than a standardized, one-size-fits-all product. Great service starts with a team member taking the time to visit your facility in person. Not only does this create a personal connection, it also helps the contractor understand the scope of the job and supply you with a quote that truly reflects your needs. 

Of course, you could supply pictures and discuss the job over the phone or email, but a personal visit generally results in a more accurate estimate of the job’s requirements. Should the contractor discover that they need to spend additional time or use more advanced cleaning techniques, they are available to discuss any necessary adjustments directly. 

No matter the industry, mistakes happen. Working with a local office carpet cleaning contractor means that clients benefit from higher accountability. Local businesses rely on their reputation in the community. If they make a mistake, it is in their interest to rectify it then and there. 

Proximity is another benefit of hiring a local cleaning contractor. Assuming you need to make adjustments to the services you have booked, a local contractor is often more responsive and can accommodate changes more quickly. After all, you are not phoning an anonymous call center agent with your request, but you have a personal contact nearby. 

Auxiliary Services

Once you have established a good working relationship with a local cleaning contractor, they may be able to offer additional services that benefit your building. Consider outsourcing general daily cleaning tasks as well as window cleaning or pressure washing. 

Some industries have specialized cleaning needs, which a commercial contractor may also be able to fulfill. Or perhaps you are looking for someone to simply help you with a one-off deep-clean project. When long-term tenants leave an office building, there is often more cleaning work needed than owners may think at first sight. Leaving this to a trusted contractor will save you time, and having a local cleaning contractor that you can count on will make all these tasks a simple matter.

How Local Office Carpet Cleaning Services are Priced

How much does commercial carpet cleaning cost? There is no blanket answer to this question because the price of professional carpet cleaning services depends on the square footage of your building or office. The type of carpet can also make a difference, as well as the severity of stains. Carpeted stairs, for example, take longer to clean than large, open spaces. 

Consider scheduling regular cleaning services to take advantage of better rates.

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