The Effects of the Labor Shortage on Janitorial Services

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Earlier this year, job openings across the United States hit a new high. Employers were trying hard to fill more than 11.5 million positions. In Houston, TX alone, the job search website listed nearly 900 openings for janitorial services positions. The effects of the labor shortage on janitorial services mean it is hard for companies across all industries to keep their in-house cleaning teams fully staffed.

Professional cleaning contractors can provide a viable, cost-effective alternative. By outsourcing cleaning and janitorial requirements, businesses can go back to concentrating on what they do best. They avoid devoting time and resources to searching, interviewing, and training janitorial staff.

The Effects of the Labor Shortage on Janitorial Services

The labor shortage across the country has changed the market for workers. When jobs were in high demand, some workers had to accept lower wages to compete within their industry. Right now, the situation is different.

As the unemployment rate continues to drop, workers have seen wages increase in a bid by companies to fill vacancies. For those employed in janitorial services, that meant seeing employers competing for them rather than the other way around. As qualified cleaning staff and janitorial workers became harder to find, wages increased.

At the same time, most industries saw an increase in the number of so-called “quits”, the people leaving their jobs voluntarily knowing that they can find alternative employment. For employers needing to fill janitorial positions, this has created a challenging situation.

In order to keep their premises clean and well-cared-for, they have to fill vacancies in their janitorial teams. On the other hand, it has become more difficult and time-consuming to attract the right staff. Outsourcing professional cleaning services can help in many of those situations.

The Benefits of Outsourcing

The effects of the labor shortage on janitorial services positions mean that it is more beneficial than ever before to outsource these positions. By hiring a competent, professional cleaning contractor companies benefit in several ways:

·       Professional, knowledgeable janitorial support

·       Better use of Human Resources teams’ time

·       Fewer training concerns

·       Fewer logistical concerns

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Professional Knowledgeable Janitorial Support

Outsourcing your company’s cleaning and janitorial services needs means putting them in the hands of highly qualified and knowledgeable professionals.

For years, commercial cleaning may have felt like an afterthought. But since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, cleaning and disinfecting premises have become essential to safeguard staff and customers alike. Reputable commercial cleaning and janitorial service companies recognized this sea change quickly and invested in the development of their teams.

Staff added to their knowledge of cleaning chemicals, internalizing the correct dosages for areas with higher and lower traffic. They also increased their knowledge of disinfection procedures. By outsourcing your cleaning needs to a reputable partner, you benefit from this level of knowledge and professionalism.

Plus, clean premises are not only crucial for safeguarding those using them. They are also a critical part of the first impression visitors have of your business. Neglected, or somewhat dirty premises can put prospective customers and potential business partners off. It is tricky and time-consuming to make up for a negative first impression.

Better Use of Human Resources Teams’ Time

The human resources teams of professional cleaning contractors are focused on selecting the best janitorial services staff. They understand training requirements for new staff, and they are fully up-to-date on ongoing training needed for existing staff.

In fact, those human resources teams pride themselves on building a happy workforce that stays with the company in the long term. The effects of the labor shortage on janitorial services have hit professional contractors less hard because many of their employees look at their position as a career rather than a stop-gap.

By outsourcing janitorial services, your company gains access to these highly trained and highly motivated individuals.

Consider the alternative: your human resources team is well versed in hiring specialist staff for your business. HR professionals know the recruitment and hiring process in your industry inside out, but they are simply not specialized in hiring janitorial support staff. At a time when there are plenty of janitorial openings, you may find that your HR team’s attention is diverted from other key hires, simply because cleaning staff is hard to find.

Outsourcing cleaning to a professional contractor allows your HR team to focus on growing the business.

Fewer Training Concerns

Before the pandemic, few companies would have considered commercial cleaning as a profession requiring substantial training. The coronavirus changed that, forcing cleaners to learn about disinfection methods on other ways of keeping people safe on commercial premises.

As the pandemic enters a new stage, cleaning requirements need to be adjusted once more. It can be hard for in-house teams to stay on top of changing guidelines. Professional cleaning contractors, however, retrain their staff as a matter of course. It is simply part of their daily business. Outsourcing cleaning requirements gives your business the peace of mind of working with professionals who follow the latest guidance.

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Fewer Logistical Concerns

Supporting an in-house cleaning team means providing an array of suitable cleaning supplies, a storage space, and somewhere for the team to meet and arrange work schedules.

If your business is relatively small, space may be at a premium, and it may be tricky to provide for all these requirements. By outsourcing cleaning and janitorial services, you benefit from a simpler solution. Professional cleaners will come to your premises with the tools and supplies to complete today’s job.

At the end of the day, they leave and take their equipment with them. Your business does not need to worry about the safe storage of cleaning chemicals and other supplies. You simply leave the entire cleaning operation to a professional partner.

Cleaning Services You Can Outsource

The effects of the labor shortage on janitorial services have made outsourcing a better option than ever before. Professional cleaning contractors offer a wide range of services to their clients. By choosing to outsource, you can simply select what you need at any given time.

Popular janitorial services for outsourcing include:

1.       Routine daily/nightly cleaning of premises

2.       Window and gutter cleaning

3.       Specialist cleaning services, including disinfection, or preparing buildings for reopening after lengthy closures

4.       Exterior cleaning services, including parking areas, doors, and windows

Most professional janitorial service companies offer a selection of ready-made services customers can choose from. They will also be able to customize their offerings to your company’s needs.

Choosing the Right Contractor

Outsourcing your company’s cleaning needs requires a certain level of trust. Over more than 25 years, DTK has built a strong reputation for excellent customer service and high-quality cleaning. We start by visiting your premises in person to supply a detailed quote that is tailored to your needs. Our employees are our biggest asset. Many have been with us for years and view cleaning and janitorial services as their careers. They will simply become an extension of your team. To learn more about outsourcing your janitorial needs, contact our team today.