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The Importance of School Cleaning Services in Today’s Schools

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It doesn’t take long for your school to get dirty. With hundreds of students and teachers moving through the building daily, germs and grime can build up before you know it. Worse, you may find that the heavy traffic through the school building may lead to increased germs as visitors, teachers, and students share tight spaces and corridors. On the other hand, working with a professional cleaning service can help reduce dirt buildup and make it easier for you to keep up with cleaning the school building.

Why Cleanliness is So Important in Schools

Cleanliness in schools is critical for several reasons, from decreasing germ exposure to improving student learning opportunities.

Keep Germs at Bay

School environments are often hectic, with many people coming and going, plenty of things going on, and several potential germs coming into the building. Investing in indoor air quality improvements in schools can help decrease transmission of Covid-19 and even decrease the spread of seasonal illnesses like the flu or strep. Regular cleaning is critical to maintaining that indoor air quality, as is ensuring that you work with a professional cleaning service that uses high-quality cleaning options you can count on. 

Furthermore, bacteria can build up quickly on student desks and other heavy-use surfaces. Even when those surfaces undergo intensive cleaning, the bacteria can reappear within a few days. As a result, schools may need to keep up with regular cleaning to help keep those spaces free of dangerous germs. 

Maintain Focus on Education

Sometimes, it’s difficult for students to remain focused in the classroom. Clutter and mess can interfere with focus, making it even more difficult for students to keep their attention on the teacher or their studies. Sometimes, teachers and pupils need to take time out of their days to focus on cleaning tasks, which can distract them. Other times, as that clutter builds up, students and teachers may have difficulty focusing on the task at hand.

Visible dirt and grime in the school building can prove particularly distracting. Often, spending all day looking at a mess can be detrimental to students’ ability to keep their attention on their work. By working with a professional cleaning service, on the other hand, you may find that it’s much easier to keep the facility clean, which may help students stay on track.

Keep Your Building Looking Its Best

Many of today’s parents have a high degree of choice regarding where they want to educate their students. Even those parents who may feel locked into a particular building because of zoning wish to know that their children are receiving a high-quality education. A building that doesn’t look its best may leave a poor impression on visitors, from parents to potential donors to your school’s latest fundraisers. You want to ensure that your school can put its best foot forward. Having professional cleaners on staff can go a long way toward improving the overall look of the school and making it a more attractive place for your students to learn.

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How Professional Cleaning Services Can Make the Difference

When it comes to keeping your school clean, professional cleaning services can offer many advantages that may help substantially with those critical processes. 

Professional Cleaning Services Have the Right Tools

Having the right tools can prove essential when cleaners head into your building. Professional cleaners have those tools, from exactly what they need to take care of a mess in a classroom after a busy day or party to the tools they need to clean up the sidewalks, wash the windows, or ensure your floors are sparkling. Often, school cleaners have to work with inadequate tools selected because they fit the budget, not because they fit the actual needs of the school or the cleaning task. On the other hand, professional cleaners will have the tools they need to address any potential messes. 

Professional Cleaning Services Use High-Quality Chemicals

High-quality cleaning chemicals can make a massive difference in the overall quality of the cleaning at your school. Those professional-quality chemicals can help banish germs and ensure that your students and visitors to the building stay healthier. They can also address tough stains or problems in the building to look fresh and clean long after the cleaners are done. 

Your School Needs a High Standard of Clean

Cleanliness is essential for your school. That cleanliness helps protect against the spread of disease and keeps students and teachers healthy. Professional cleaning services often help keep your building up to higher standards than an in-house team can. They have access to better tools and chemicals, and professional cleaning services may also have more knowledge about the latest standards in indoor air quality, surface cleaning, and more. As a result, they’re better prepared to help keep your building safe and clean.

You Can Scale Professional Cleaning Services as Needed

Your cleaning needs may change throughout the year and the school’s lifetime. The number of students you have on hand may change. You may have increased cleaning needs at specific times throughout the year: for example, during cold and flu season or as illness surges throughout your student body. You may want your cleaners to come in more often or arrange to take care of those vital deep cleaning tasks. When you have a professional cleaning service, you can quickly scale up or down your cleaning based on current needs and demands across the school.

Professional Services Can Take Care of the Big Tasks

Many of the cleaning tasks around your school are routine. Classrooms, common areas, and hallways must be regularly cleaned and sanitized. You may need your cleaners to clean the stadium after football games or tackle the locker rooms after a basketball game. Those cleaning tasks are generally on the schedule and a regular part of your cleaning needs.

There are other tasks, however, which may come up less often.

  • Deep cleans at the end of the school year
  • Cleaning up after significant events, including dances and pep rallies
  • Dealing with the aftermath of natural disasters
  • Cleaning up the outside of the building based on seasonal needs
  • Deep cleaning the floors

Professional cleaning services can maintain those vital areas as part of their contracts, which may make it easier for you to keep your school building looking its best. Not only can you schedule those tasks more quickly, but your cleaning company may also put them on the schedule to make it easier for both of you to remember when those tasks are getting closer. 

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Experience Greater Overall Efficiency

Professional cleaning services are often more efficient than on-site staff, even when completing the same general cleaning tasks. They can design a plan, come in and execute it, and leave. Those companies often bring substantial experience to the table, which means they are generally much better prepared to handle any challenges they may encounter or execute those cleaning tasks effectively. Not only can their professional tools make it easier for them to complete those cleaning tasks, but the greater experience can also lead to greater overall efficiency. 

Decrease Your Overall Cleaning Costs

Often, working with a professional cleaning company can help save your school considerable money on your janitorial and cleaning needs. When you handle all your cleaning in-house, you may find yourself paying overtime, dealing with potential shortages, or paying for benefits on top of the time spent cleaning. Furthermore, you may have to maintain a much larger staff than you need for day-to-day cleaning in your school, especially if you need the cleaning staff to handle significant events. When you work with a professional cleaning company, on the other hand, you will often find your costs decreasing.

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Today, more than ever, it’s critical for your school to have professional-quality cleaning that will help keep students and staff members healthy, avoid the spread of illness, and cut down on distraction and the obstacle it poses to student learning. At DTK Facility Services, we strive to provide a high level of service. We have more than 25 years of experience in professional cleaning that we bring to every client. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help keep your building clean.