Why a Cleaning Company with Employees is the Best Choice for Your Business

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Hiring a professional cleaning company to take care of regular and occasional cleaning and maintenance needs for your company can make it easier and less expensive to keep your office, church, retail location, or other business sparkling clean. 

While it may seem counterintuitive that spending money for an additional service can save you in the long run, it’s true that your business can save money, time, and more by hiring a professional cleaning company.  

9 Reasons Hiring a Professional Cleaning Company Can Help Your Business

While hiring a professional cleaning service isn’t free, it is an expense that will pay for itself in value, convenience, employee and customer satisfaction, and other benefits. Contracting with a professional cleaning company is an investment in your business that can pay you back many times over with the value you’ll receive. Whether you’re exploring the idea of hiring cleaning services or reviewing different companies to do so, here are 9 great reasons to choose a professional cleaning crew.

1. Flexible Cleaning Services Available on Your Schedule

Every company, office, and even certain areas within a single facility, have varying cleaning needs. Whether you need ongoing cleaning and sanitizing, daily general cleaning, weekly deep cleaning, or other business needs, a professional cleaning service can work with you to design a schedule that is customized to your needs. A quality commercial cleaning service can accommodate the times of day that work for your organization—so that your work, customers, and clientele aren’t disrupted. 

2. Avoid Hiring, Training, and HR Hassles

Anytime you need to hire staff, you spend time and money reviewing applications and résumés, arranging and conducting interviews, performing background checks, training, managing, scheduling, coordinating benefits, and more. Depending on the turnover of your cleaning staff, that can take a substantial amount of time and effort. In addition, you’ll want to make sure you’re hiring candidates with the skills and reliability you need. 

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Hiring your own cleaning staff also means you need to have plans in place for times when those individuals take vacation time, are out sick, or simply retire or leave their positions. A professional cleaning service ensures a complete, trained staff ready and available no matter what your company’s internal staffing changes may be. They manage all the details of employment and managing qualified personnel – you simply define your needs. 

3.  Insured Professional Cleaners Reduce Your Liability

Cleaning staff often come in after hours to avoid disrupting the workday. They may work independently or in small groups, so you need a cleaning staff you can trust. Reputable companies will perform adequate background checks to make sure your cleaning team are trustworthy. To limit your company’s risk and liability, you’ll also benefit by hiring a professional cleaning crew that is fully insured through the cleaning company.

4. Save Employee Time and Promote Productivity

In many churches, non-profits, and small businesses, regular staff and volunteers take on cleaning duties in addition to their regular work. While most are happy to help out, these chores can take away from important work time during the day, reducing productivity and straining deadlines. Anyone who has to stay or come in outside of regular business hours to do any cleaning may come to resent doing so, and morale may decrease.

Hiring a cleaning service frees these employees up to continue with their regular work and duties, knowing everything will be taken care of properly. In addition, a cleaner, healthier, safer workplace improves motivation and productivity for most employees, so hiring the professionals is good for your bottom line.

5. Avoid Specialized Equipment and Supplies Investments & Storage

Proper equipment and cleaning supplies can mean the difference between a time-consuming, difficult chore and a thorough, efficient cleaning job. A professional cleaning company has the expertise, equipment, and supplies to do a superior job quickly and easily.

In addition, a professional service can provide specialized equipment and trained employees for any special cleaning needs, such as stripping and waxing floors, carpet extracting, parking lot relining, pressure washing, and more. You’ll save the time and expense of identifying, purchasing, tracking, and storing all of the necessary equipment and supplies. 

6. Availability of Specialized Cleaning Services

Most businesses have occasional special cleaning needs for times such as:

  • Sales and other heavy traffic times
  • Special events and celebrations
  • Facility reorganizations or office moves
  • Special white-glove cleaning services
  • Compliance or inspection cleaning needs
  • Remodeling or construction cleanup
  • Special disinfection or restoration needs
  • Annual deep cleaning

These and other instances might challenge internal employees who may be asked to pick up the slack due to special circumstances. But a professional cleaning crew can easily accommodate these unique situations. 

7. Achieve Consistent Results

You don’t settle for second best in how you run your organization, provide your services, or manufacture your products, so, you shouldn’t accept second best for cleanliness and safety at your place of business, either. Many companies end up directly hiring and managing a janitorial staff that may not have the time, training, or equipment to do an ideal job each and every time. Professional cleaners, on the other hand, are accustomed to ongoing training as well as a variety of cleaning situations and solutions, and they’re well-equipped and fully trained to make sure every job meets high standards. The reputation of their business depends on it.

8. Meet Quality and Safety Standards

Of course, the more clean and appealing your business is, the more comfortable your employees, customers, and visitors will feel. A properly cleaned business can also ensure the sanitized, hygienic conditions that can keep everyone healthier, reducing employee sick days.

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Depending on what your business does, you may also have to meet certain quality, safety, or hygiene standards that require specific levels and types of cleaning and disinfecting. This is something many organizations and offices discovered during the COVID-19 pandemic. In many facilities, maintaining even the minimum required levels of disinfecting and sanitizing has been an ongoing challenge.

An ideal solution for many facing these types of specialized needs is to hire a professional cleaning company which has the training, equipment, and supplies to do any type of cleaning with the efficiency and quality needed.

9. Be Environmentally Friendly

Finding cleaning supplies that are effective and affordable while also being good for the environment can be challenging, especially at the scale needed for cleaning offices, retail stores, and other businesses. Professional cleaning companies have access to a wide range of products that are highly effective at cleaning and sanitizing while keeping environmental impact at the forefront. Depending on your cleaning needs and situation, additional alternatives, such as steam cleaning, may also be options to support environmentally friendly cleaning.

See How Professional Cleaning Solutions Are the Best Choice for Your Business

At DTK Facility Services, we can support your business with a professional cleaning crew that will exceed your expectations at a very competitive price. With thorough training and a commitment to integrity, quality, and dependability, our professional cleaning services can easily meet all of your cleaning and maintenance needs. Contact us today to get a quote for our cost-effective, customized, commercial cleaning services for your business.