Why You Need a Professional Cleaning Company

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In today’s world, cleaning and disinfecting at a higher level is no longer a voluntary precaution but an expectation. Visitors to your business, school, or church expect that high level of cleanliness no matter when they visit. In addition, time is a more precious commodity than ever before. Indeed, time management has become increasingly critical for many businesses and individuals. 

A professional cleaning company can help ensure that you’re delivering the high level of cleanliness your customers expect while saving time and money for your business. Let’s look more closely at seven reasons a professional cleaning company is the right choice for your business.

1. A Professional Cleaning Company has the Tools Needed to Get the Job Done Right. 

Often, the difference between clean and really clean isn’t a matter of how hard you work to get the job done, it’s a matter of having the right tools for the job. Unfortunately, having the best tools for the job, from a professional-quality vacuum cleaner and steamer to the high-quality leaf blowers and other tools you need to keep things tidy outside, can be expensive.

This doesn’t even take into account specialized jobs or specialized tools used for effective deep cleaning and disinfecting. All too often, business owners find themselves wondering whether they really need to invest in and store all these tools.

When you work with a professional cleaning company, on the other hand, they’ll already have those tools as part of their arsenal. That means that you get a better clean and a higher level of disinfection by simply investing in professional cleaners to help take on those jobs on your behalf. 

2. Working with a Professional Cleaning Company Can Help Save Your Business Time.

Many small business owners may feel backed into a corner when it comes to dealing with basic cleaning tasks. All too often, you may end up taking care of those tasks yourself, which can cause an increasing drain on your time and energy levels.

Even if you don’t end up doing it yourself, you may simply delegate a member of your staff to take on those cleaning tasks. While that may get the job done, it also means that staff members are taking care of cleaning tasks instead of focusing on the areas of expertise you hired them for.

Time is a precious commodity for your business. Today’s employees are often stretched to their limits as they try to take care of all the tasks the business requires, particularly if they have their own personal responsibilities and tasks to take into consideration. Working with a professional cleaning company can go a long way toward giving that time back to your employees. 

Even for large businesses, keeping up with an in-house cleaning service can be a drain on time and resources. In-house cleaning services see a high level of turnover. That means a lot of time spent managing that turnover, including the regular search for new employees, as well as onboarding and training. 

With a professional cleaning service, on the other hand, you can feel confident that those tasks are taken care of for you. 

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3. A Professional Cleaning Company May Help Save Your Business Money.

On the surface, hiring professional cleaning services may sound like an expensive investment. Keep in mind, however, what it could be costing your business not to have a cleaning company. 

  • What does it cost to buy or rent the tools you need to take care of effective, high-level disinfecting and cleaning? Often, you’ll either find yourself paying out for expensive tools or paying to replace less-expensive tools on a regular basis, all of which can prove costly.
  • What is the opportunity cost to have your employees focused on cleaning tasks?
  • What wages are your employees being paid while they take care of cleaning tasks? Your employees likely make the same hourly wage regardless of what they’re doing, which means you may be paying high wages to have your office or customer-facing spaces look clean. 
  • If you’re a big business, what is the real cost of having an in-house cleaner or cleaning crew? Not only do you have to worry about the cleaners’ salary, but you may also have to consider benefits, time off, coverage for illness or vacation, training, and a variety of other ongoing costs. 

When you work with a professional cleaning service, you won’t have to worry about in-house salary costs for a cleaner who may not have enough work to justify those full-time hours, but you also won’t face the costs associated with taking on those cleaning tasks yourself or assigning them to employees whose time may be better spent on the jobs you hired them to do.

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4. A Professional Cleaning Service Will Ensure That You Get a Dependable Clean.

When you hire the right professional cleaning service, you can feel confident that your cleaning service will show up on time for each clean, whether you have them coming in once a week or several times a week to take care of those cleaning tasks. When you handle those tasks in-house, on the other hand, many things can get in the way of the high-quality clean you hope for. 

Your employees might let cleaning tasks slide during busy times. Most businesses see ebbs and flows of work. During your slower periods, you might have adequate time for employees to take care of cleaning tasks during their downtime.

During those busier seasons, on the other hand, it can prove much more difficult to keep up with those cleaning tasks the way you need to. Employees may also gradually allow those cleaning tasks to slide during stressful seasons or when they feel that they have too much on their plates.

Even an in-house cleaner might not always be as dependable as you might hope. An in-house cleaner will need vacation and sick time. Illness or injury, whether short or long-term, may interfere with the cleaner’s ability to get the job done, which may mean that your business does not look as clean and tidy as you had hoped.

Over time, you may see considerable dirt and grime build-up due to that lack, which may prove difficult to get on top of in the future. A professional cleaning service, on the other hand, will deliver consistent cleaning and results during all seasons. 

5. A Professional Cleaning Service Can Quickly Scale the Services They Provide to Fit Your Needs. 

During the pandemic, cleaning requirements increased exponentially in many areas. While some things are slowly going back to normal, many consumers still expect a higher degree of clean. Not only that, a number of things can change the way you need to take care of cleaning in your facility.

  • Illness strikes. During periods when many people in your company are ill at the same time, you may want to increase your regular cleaning efforts to help prevent others from getting sick. 
  • You change the size of your facility. If you suddenly expand your business, you may need to expand the cleaning services you offer, too. 
  • Your customer traffic changes. During November and December, for example, you may see considerably more foot traffic moving through retail locations. Other businesses may have their own busy seasons: an accountant’s office around tax time, for example. 
  • Customer expectations change. During some seasons, especially cold and flu season, customers may have increased expectations regarding the cleanliness of your location. 
  • You need new services. You may, for example, want to add new cleaning protocols or to take care of a one-time deep clean for your business.

When you work with a professional cleaner, scaling those services is simple: you can simply call in and let your cleaners know what you need. When you handle those services in-house, on the other hand, it can prove much more difficult to keep up with those ongoing requirements. 

6. Professional Cleaners Can Provide You with an Expert-Level Clean. 

As mentioned earlier, many small businesses rely on members of the staff to take care of their basic cleaning needs. Those staff members, however, may not have the skills or training needed to take care of comprehensive cleaning across the facility. 

Often, they may not have training on how to use cleaning equipment, or they may not have the experience needed to take care of those higher-level cleaning tasks. A professional cleaning service, on the other hand, can offer the vital support and knowledge needed to move through those tasks effectively. 

7. A Professional Cleaning Service Can Help Select the Cleaning Supplies That Are Most Effective for Your Business and Its Needs.

Selecting the right cleaning supplies and products can be a big decision for your business. You want your products to be eco-friendly and appropriate for use in your facility. You may want to maintain high overall indoor air quality while still getting that high-level clean. When you work with a professional cleaning service, they will likely bring in their own supplies, often with the research regarding those products already taken care of. 

Partner with a Professional Cleaning Service to Help Your Business Maintain High Standards of Excellence.

You provide a high standard of excellence for your customers in everything you do, and the cleaning for your company should be no exception. DTK Facility Services provides a high level of clean that you and your customers can count on, without the hassle or uncertainty. Contact us today to see how we can help.