Enhancing Facilities and Impacting Lives since 1996

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    Who is DTK?

    Founded in 1996, DTK has been partnering with customers for 25 years.
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    DTK and COVID-19
    Disinfecting and Sanitizing Services to Keep Everyone Safe

    COVID-19 requires specialized services to ensure proper sanitation. Don’t leave it to chance. Trust DTK to follow the latest CDC recommendations for routine cleaning and disinfection and use products that are EPA-approved for use against COVID-19.

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    How can DTK help with Covid-19?

    Whether your space has had a case or if you just want to keep your people safe, we have options for you.

    Enhancing facilities to God's glory

    Locations Served
    Team Members

    30 mil

    Sq Ft. Serviced
    Million Square Feet

    DTK Facility Services is truly a different kind of company

    Since the beginning, DTK has let its mission statement, vision statement and core values drive the company. We aim to be a trusted partner in the cleaning industry.

    Proper COVID-19 Sanitizing and Disinfecting Services
    for Every Organization

    No matter your environment, DTK is here for you to ensure it is fully sanitized and disinfected for everyone who enters. We offer routine sanitizing services on your schedule and disinfecting services on demand. DTK gives you peace of mind your facility is safe.

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    Office / Commercial

    Whether it is one office building or an entire complex, DTK is equipped to meet your facility needs. We know your tenants or employees rely on you to ensure their facility is clean and in proper order each day, and we are here to help.

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    Church / School

    DTK is committed to Integrity, Quality and Dependability. We enjoy the opportunity to serve like-minded organizations. We count several of the largest churches in the nation among our satisfied customers.

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    Grocery / Retail

    Servicing large box retail and grocery stores requires a specialized team that can be trusted to complete work before customers come to shop each day. DTK’s leadership team has the experience to be your trusted partner.

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    "We wanted to brag on how we enjoy working with DTK! The managers are always checking in and staying on top of things. We love our staff, they excellent work! We are thankful for our partnership with DTK."

    Pastoral Staff

    Religious Facility
    "The DTK crew that cleans our church and school is doing an amazing job. The supervisor does such a great job of relaying my comments or anything else to her team. We are all very satisfied and glad we made the switch to DTK last year!"

    Operations Manager

    Houston Church & School
    "We could definitely see a difference [after hiring DTK] and I want to thank both DTK and the DTK Team for the exceptional work they have done. All the staff are friendly and nice to speak with."

    Building Services Manager

    Medical Complex
    "We have partnered with DTK since 1999. Uniting flexibility of service, DTK meets the changing needs of both church ministries and school functions."

    Director of Operations

    Houston Mega-Church
    "We had always struggled and never fully exceeded expectations until the arrival of DTK Facility Services. We have been able to greatly improve the overall operations in the area of attention to detail and cleanliness."

    General Manager

    4 Star Hotel, Spa and Fitness Center

    Have Questions? Let us help!

    Ask us a question or if you have specific needs you would like to discuss, we're ready and available with answers.