1996 - DTK, Inc. was founded in Houston, Texas, with a focus on janitorial supplies and contract cleaning. Since the beginning, our management and supervision team has had a strong desire to be different in the cleaning services industry.

1999 - DTK begins focus on cleaning religious facilities and private schools.

2007 - DTK launches its commercial division.

2014 - DTK acquired Superior Sanitation, Inc., as a wholly-owned subsidiary. This acquisition expanded our customer base to include charter schools, grocery stores and specialized sanitation industries.

2018 - DTK Facility Services, LLC was formed by a group of investors who acquired DTK, Inc. and SSI.

2022 - DTK expands offices to Central Texas in opening their San Antonio office.

Today - The company services 649 locations each night, representing 27 million square feet, through the hard work and commitment of their 1,637 team members.

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