Commercial Deep Cleaning Costs and What Goes Into Them

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Today’s standards for clean in commercial establishments are high. Ever since the pandemic, people are more aware of germs and invisible microbes that can spread from person to person and make you sick. 

Even if your community is no longer requiring masks, there’s still an expectation that you will keep your building sanitized, ensuring it’s a safe place for people of all ages. Hiring a respected cleaning company for deep cleaning is one way you can keep your employees and visitors safe and comfortable. But what goes into commercial deep cleaning cost, and what should you look for?

Looking for a commercial cleaning service that will meet your needs can be a challenge because there are many options available, and those options continue to grow. In fact, expects the commercial cleaning industry to increase by 5.4% by 2025 due to COVID-19 and it’s lingering effects. So how do you choose the right service? Comparing prices is often the first step businesses take. 

Commercial deep cleaning costs can vary widely depending on the needs of a building, and the best commercial cleaning services will make sure you’re aware of specific costs before the time of service. 

In this blog, we’ll break down some national price averages and discuss the variety of cleaning services you may need to help you get a better picture of what you can expect to pay for quality cleaning of your commercial building before you talk to a qualified cleaning service.

Average Commercial Deep Cleaning Costs: National Averages and What May Go Into the Price

According to Thumbtack, commercial cleaning for an average office costs around $200. This is a national average, and according to the site, prices may range from $135 to $300.

Some commercial cleaning companies offer high-end services that will provide  everything a business may need, such as floor-to-ceiling sanitization using green, eco-friendly products. These companies will perform routine cleaning, as well as deep cleaning, on demand, and you can expect that they’ll be efficient, effective, and very professional, getting the job done exactly as you’ve requested.

On the other hand, you may find commercial deep cleaning companies that offer lower prices and fewer services, without as much equipment, knowledge, and support. These companies may advertise themselves as budget-friendly cleaning.

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Reasons Why Your Commercial Deep Cleaning Costs May Vary

As you can see, even on the national average, there is a wide variance of prices for commercial deep cleaning. Aspects that affect your deep cleaning cost include

  • size of your facility
  • number of bathrooms and kitchens
  • amount of high-traffic areas
  • number of windows
  • frequency of cleaning
  • quality of the cleaning products

Some parts of your building will require more cleaning than others, such as bathrooms. Schools have many pieces of furniture to clean around and put back in order after the cleaning is finished. Offices may have many computers and other technology that require special cleaning. Because not all facilities are the same, not all cleaning costs will be the same.

How Companies Calculate Rates

Some cleaning companies charge by square footage, some charge by the hour, and some charge a flat rate based on their evaluation of the needs of your premises.

Thumbtack states that the average commercial deep cleaning cost in small buildings that are under 1,000 square feet is $120. The average price increases by approximately $90 for every 1,000 square feet after that.

Of course, that means that large buildings with lots of rooms and hallways will have significantly higher cleaning costs than smaller, more compact buildings. The larger the area, the more cleaning supplies are needed and the more employees are needed to perform the cleaning tasks efficiently. 

Different Types of Commercial Deep Cleaning Services

As mentioned, not all facilities need the same type of commercial cleaning. The type of services needed will impact the total commercial deep cleaning cost of your services. The right cleaning company will meet with you before any services begin to review your situation and give you an accurate estimate of what it will cost to meet your specific needs. 

Carpet Cleaning

Office buildings, waiting rooms, churches, and other types of facilities have carpets that require fairly regular deep cleaning. This involves more than vacuuming. A good commercial deep cleaning service will use environmentally-friendly products to get all the dirt and allergens out of a business’ carpets without wearing out the carpet fibers.

Glass/Window Cleaning

If your building contains many windows and glass partitions, you will need a cleaning service that can offer streak-free glass cleaning. Glass will look noticeably dirty faster than other surfaces, so it is best to clean it often, maintaining a professional shine that will impress your employees and visitors.

School Cleaning

Keeping children safe from germs and viruses is on the minds of most educators these days. Maintaining a school’s cleanliness is an intensive job that is best handled by professionals. If you are looking for commercial deep cleaning services for a school building, choose a company that has experience in school setup and routine school janitorial services, as well as current disinfecting guidelines and cleaning methods.

Church Cleaning

A church is similar to a school but usually smaller and with fewer high-traffic areas like bathrooms. That said, churches often place a high priority on cleanliness and disinfection, as their visitors span a wide range of ages. From infants to the elderly, many churches show  visitors they care by making sure germs are kept to a minimum and people visiting a church on the weekend or during the week can safely enjoy worship.

Daily Maintenance

While daily maintenance cleaning is not usually considered “deep cleaning,” it is a necessary component of keeping your building tidy. Daily maintenance services may include emptying garbages, sweeping floors, dusting surfaces, and sanitizing high-touch areas. Finding a commercial cleaning company that will handle your daily cleaning needs as well as your occasional deep cleaning needs will help save you time and money in the long run.

Floor-to-Ceiling Sanitizing Services

When you need your entire facility as clean as possible, you need to hire a commercial cleaning company that offers deep cleaning services, sometimes referred to as floor-to-ceiling sanitizing services. This is a very thorough cleaning and will involve extensive use of cleaning products and equipment, so choose a company that uses earth-friendly products and has the necessary equipment to get the job done safely and efficiently. A floor-to-ceiling sanitizing service offers more than a deep clean; it offers peace of mind that your facility is sanitized, preventing the spread of germs as much as possible.

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More Things to Look for When Partnering with a Commercial Cleaning Service

If you are comparing different commercial cleaning services, you’ll probably compare prices first. You’ll want to find an affordable service that fits your budget. Keep in mind that hiring a professional cleaning company ensures you don’t need to hire your own janitors, perform background checks, train them, pay their insurance benefits, manage their taxes, or deal with their sick days and vacation hours. 

You also don’t need to own expensive cleaning products and equipment, and you don’t have to fix the equipment when it breaks down. A professional cleaning company takes care of all this for you, and it’s included in your commercial deep cleaning costs. Here are some additional things to consider when searching for the best commercial cleaning service and evaluating the cost of commercial deep cleaning.

  • Choose a cleaning company you can trust. Dependability is a huge factor in a long-term cleaning partner. You want to know that your cleaners will show up when they are supposed to and do the work they are supposed to do. A good cleaning company will have quality control measures in place. Ask about this when you consult with a commercial cleaning company.
  • When you discuss your cleaning needs with a company, the company should provide a clear plan for your services, so you know exactly what you are paying for. You also want to know how many of their employees will be in your building, when they will be cleaning, and how the company makes sure the employees are safe and reliable.
  • Find out what type of customer service the cleaning company has. A good commercial cleaning company will be easy to reach and provide support any time you need it. They will be respectful of your needs, and they will treat you with integrity and graciousness. 
  • Finally, choose a commercial cleaning service that has experience with the type of building you have. Ask for testimonials or look at their customer reviews. A little research can go a long way to finding the company that is right for you.

Get a Pricing Quote from a Commercial Cleaning Company with Integrity and Experience

Whether you are looking for a commercial deep cleaning service that will do a one-time job or a reliable cleaning company to handle all your regular cleaning needs, DTK is here for you. We have over 25 years of experience in the commercial cleaning industry, and our valued clients can testify to our overall integrity and dependability. 

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