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How Much Does Commercial Office Cleaning Cost?

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In today’s pandemic world, it’s even more important than ever to make sure your office space is getting cleaned and cleaned well. You need your employees to feel confident that the conditions in which they are working get cleaned well enough to provide them security and help prevent them from getting sick. 

Yet, handling commercial office cleaning yourself can be overwhelming. It will be hard to ask your employees to clean above and beyond their regular jobs. And you need to be assured the cleaning is being done regularly enough to maintain a safe environment. 

You also want clients and customers to come into the office space and recognize the standards you have for a clean office space. Having said that, you might also be worried about the cost of all this cleaning. 

Read on to learn more considerations for office cleaning and the cost of commercial cleaning.

Things to Consider Related Cost of Commercial Office Cleaning

In a COVID-19 world, the standards for cleaning have become more specific and detailed. You want to be sure you are hiring a cleaning company that not only recognizes those standards but also has all employees adhering to them. 

These new regulations can also impact the cost of cleaning for your commercial office space. 

There are government regulations related to cleaning that must be met and you want a cleaning crew that knows and follows them. There are also environmental regulations in place for cleaning, both for how the cleaning gets done and the materials used for cleaning. 

You have your own high standards for cleaning and you want to be sure that you and the cleaning crew are on the same page about those. 

You want to be certain you are hiring a cleaning company that provides insurance for their workers in case of an on the job injury. 

You will want to seek bids from potential cleaning companies. The costs they outline get defined based on some pretty straight forward factors.

Things to Think About Related to Cost

No company or individual wants to pay more for something than is necessary, that’s just bad business. So, you will seek bids for your cleaning. 

Remember, the cheapest bid might not get you the best return on your investment. Likewise, hiring the company that’s most expensive doesn’t mean you get a better cleaning job either. 

So, when you ask for bids from cleaning companies, you want them to spell out as clearly as possible what that number includes and does not include.  The more detailed the bid, the better able you will be to choose a commercial cleaning company that will get the job done right.  

Flat Rate Fees vs Hourly Rate Fees

There are really two ways a company can charge you for their services. One way isn’t better or worse and might depend on your unique cleaning needs and how often you have the cleaning company come in.

Flat Rate

One option is to pay a flat rate fee for cleaning. This means you pay a certain amount for the cleaning provided no matter how long the cleaning takes. The cleaning spells out what services would be provided and names a price. 

If you have regular cleaning done, this is usually the best option. 

Hourly Rate

The other option to pay the cleaning crew their hourly rate. You might be more likely to choose this option for a one time clean or to have a specific job done. The cleaning company should be able to estimate pretty closely how long the job would take to complete, then provide you their hourly rate. 

Factors That Impact Cost of Cleaning

There are few factors that will impact the cost of cleaning. 

One of the biggest factors of cleaning is the square footage of your space. The cleaning crew will get an estimate of the size of the space that needs to be cleaned. Obviously, the larger the space, the more cost involved. Bigger spaces take longer, you need more workers and more cleaning materials to get the job done. 

Having said that, some commercial cleaning companies will offer reduced rates to land the contract on larger spaces. 

The other big factor in cleaning costs can be the number of bathrooms and windows that need to be cleaned. Bathrooms are more time-consuming to clean than say a conference room or a hallway.

In some cases, windows are regularly cleaned. This might be the windows on doors entering your office space. In other cases, windows get cleaned as part of a cleaning schedule. Either way, like bathrooms, cleaning a series of windows can be more time-consuming. 

Your Unique Office Space

Another large factor in cost is the actual environment of your workspace. Beyond COVID regulations, what unique requirements does your office space need for cleaning. 

Your cleaning crew will evaluate your floor surfaces. Will they need to be vacuumed, mopped? Do you have marble floors or wood floors that might require some special care in the cleaning process?

Another factor might be the individual office spaces that might need to be cleaned. How much dusting will need to be done regularly? If your office space has a kitchen area for workers this will also need to be cleaned. Typically, with many people using a kitchen the cleaning is not only needed but can take longer. 

You might have some spaces in your office that need a deep clean too. While this might not be part of regularly scheduled cleaning, it can impact the cost of cleaning services.

Get Commercial Office Cleaning

You want your office to be clean so your employees, customers, and clients feel safe being in the environment.  The cost of commercial office cleaning has many factors related to your needs and the space itself. 

Gather bids and consider the services offered under those bids. Consider whether the commercial building cleaning company provides cleaning materials or you have to provide them in the cost factor. 

If you’re looking to hire a commercial cleaning company with values and ones that cares about the quality of the work they do, we can help you. Contact us today to get a custom quote on our cleaning services.