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What Is Included in Janitorial Services?

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When it comes to commercial building cleaning, the benefits of janitorial services are undeniable. From making a great first impression to keeping your employees healthy and happy, the cleanliness of your space is crucial. 

Of course, not every cleaning service is the same. With differences in the jobs of janitorial services and commercial cleaning, it’s important to know what you can expect. 

By gaining perspective and knowledge of your cleaning needs you can save your business valuable time and money in the care of your building. 

So what is included in janitorial services and where do you find the best janitorial services in Houston? Follow along to discover what you can expect from your janitorial service and how the best companies can amplify your workspace. 

Janitorial Services vs. Commercial Cleaning

These terms are often used interchangeably, but there are key differences in the roles they perform. A janitorial service addresses routine cleaning and building care activities. These are the activities that will need to take place on a regular basis to keep your building looking and feeling great. 

This is usually done on a daily, weekly, or biweekly basis, depending on the needs of your business. 

Commercial cleaning is for those larger jobs that need a little extra expertise. These are generally larger jobs such as post-event cleaning or construction clean-ups. The tasks completed by these cleaners are less frequent than janitorial jobs. You may even find these tasks more specific to ‘deep cleans’ or maintenance measures. 

So how much is commercial office cleaning and janitorial services for your local business? This will depend on your business’s specific task requirements and goals.

What Does a Janitor Do?

As mentioned above, janitors are there for your routine cleaning needs. This includes performing tasks such as:

  • Cleaning and sanitizing bathrooms
  • Maintaining staff areas and kitchen
  • Collecting trash and recycling 
  • Daily floor and furniture care

Of course, your commercial janitorial service will go much further than the basic cleanliness of your building. 

You can rely on your janitor to ensure bathroom products are always stocked and available. They will care for the dusting and cleaning of furniture and even ensure your windows are always fingerprint-free. With knowledge of caring for different flooring, the needs of your hardwood, tile, or other special materials are always kept in mind. 

This can help prevent the need for refinishing or replacing surfaces due to harsh cleansers and improper care. 

When to Call in Specialty Services

The best janitorial services in Houston are able to provide specialty services for the ultimate clean. The benefit to this is that the company is already familiar with your building’s needs and can offer more efficient services to get the job done. 

Landscaping and Outdoor Attention

The appearance of your building on the outside can have a significant impact on your visitor’s first impression. Unfortunately, a poor outer appearance is often difficult to recover from due to conformational bias. 

To keep your grounds and building in tip-top shape, consider adding on landscaping and outdoor commercial care. These measures can benefit your business by boosting your curb appeal. 

This may include tasks like general gardening and plant care or keeping sidewalks and walking paths clean and clear. You may even enjoy having a service to ensure your parking lot is always free of debris and mud. 

Services such as a pressure wash can revive the color and brilliance of your building. This sends the message that you are attentive, present, and willing to go the extra mile for your customers. 

Deep Cleaning and Event Clean-Up

If your building is used for events or gatherings you may find value in bringing in extra hands to return your space to its beautiful state. 

Have your janitorial service send out more helpers to get the job done faster or address more detailed cleaning. This may include tasks such as tile and grout scrubbing, carpet cleaning, and upholstery treatments. 

This ensures you’ll be able to enjoy your event and worry about the execution rather than the laborious cleanup. 

These deep-cleaning services are also valuable after renovations or building construction. The materials and mess left behind by these events take much more care and knowledge to clean up and will need a qualified team. 

Floor Care

Even with the right cleaning products and care, heavy traffic on your floors can build up over time and leave them looking dull and dirty. 

To maintain a professional-looking environment, taking the time to strip, wax, and recoat your flooring can go a long way. This process will also improve the clean-up of your flooring and reduce the need for replacement. 

Kick-off your floor care with a deep clean or schedule routine maintenance to keep it fresh. This extra effort will improve your work environment and provide comfort for staff and customers alike.

Waste Transportation

Whether you’ve had an event or are clearing out clutter, sometimes the trash limitations in a commercial building can be a problem. Commercial building cleaning can address this issue with waste transportation services. 

Not only will your janitorial cleaning services gather the trash, but the unwanted garbage can be removed from the site in one swift service. 

This applies to your indoor garbage, outdoor debris, and even recycling for a better waste management system.

Janitorial Services in Houston

Now that you know what is included in janitorial services, you can tailor commercial building cleaning needs. From carrying out everyday sanitation to indoor and outdoor maintenance, we’ve got you covered. Take your building environment to the next level with the help of our qualified professionals.

Want to secure the best janitorial services in Houston for your commercial cleaning needs? Get started today and start experiencing the benefits of a better building clean.