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Benefits of Hiring Professional Church Cleaning Companies

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As more houses of worship are reopening after the pandemic, church administrators may be wondering how to make sure their visitors stay safe. Covid-19 has created an even greater need for church cleaning companies, as churches navigate cleaning protocols and other recommendations. Luckily, qualified cleaning companies can take care of these tasks, ensuring hygiene and safety.  

What to Look for in Professional Church Cleaning Companies 

When choosing between church cleaning companies, focus on finding one that provides professional, reliable service at a reasonable price. Consider the following when making a decision: 

Strict Protocols 

As professionals, companies should be current on the Centers for Disease Controls (CDC) COVID-19 guidelines and recommendations for cleaning and disinfecting. They’ll help you with routine cleanups, know how to keep different surfaces hygienic, and use effective products to maintain your facilities’ safety. 

Consistent Personnel 

Cleaning is about much more than keeping the dirt out of your church. With dozens, sometimes hundreds, of people utilizing your facilities daily or weekly, you need a consistent staff to ensure it looks its best. Leading companies cover employee compensation, liability insurance, and other benefits, so you don’t have to worry about managing those expenses or a cleaning staff. 

Wide Variety of Services 

Top church cleaning companies offer standard daily maintenance, floor care, and window cleaning. They also perform other heavier-duty tasks, such as carpet shampooing and extraction, pressure washing, and special event setup. 

Price Includes Products and Equipment 

If you choose a reputable professional church cleaning service, their fee should include all commercial-grade cleaning products and equipment. You won’t have to order and stock cleaning supplies or worry about equipment maintenance and repair. 

Environmentally Conscious 

Industry leaders will have the credentials and expertise to select supplies and equipment that are effective but safe for people and the environment. For example, they’ll guarantee they’re using certified green products, and their staff will comply with or even implement a recycling program. 

The Benefits of Using Professional Church Cleaning Companies 

If your church has never used a professional cleaning company before, you may need to learn more about the benefits these services can provide. In addition to standard maintenance, church cleaning companies can offer specialized services that in-house staff can’t. 

They also provide the peace of mind from knowing that you are providing church members both quality and value. Here are a few of the benefits you and your congregation will experience with a professional cleaning service.  

1. A Happier Congregation 

The benefits of a clean church go far beyond tidiness. An orderly space can put your congregants in a better frame of mind while they worship. As they let go of their stress and clear their thoughts, they can meditate on what’s important. Cleanliness can also spark creativity and self-confidence, offering benefits to young people in Sunday school and church preschools. 

You want your congregation to be in a positive frame of mind, so they continue returning each week. A sparkling building can help you attract and retain members. 

2. Healthier Parishioners 

When you hire professional church cleaning services, you’re confident the facility is truly clean for your parishioners. 

Church cleaning companies go beyond the surface and ensure the removal of dust, grime, and even the Covid-19 virus. They can also help prevent mold growth through regular and deep cleaning, protecting both the church’s investment and visitors prone to respiratory illnesses and allergies.  

Hygiene is particularly significant in the post-pandemic era. Professionals are familiar with CDC guidelines for Covid-19 and their additional cleaning protocols. Any frequent-touch surface, such as light switches, handles, or doorknobs, needs consistent disinfection. Cleaning staff will use EPA-approved products, some of which may include disinfecting ingredients that last for days.   

A professional service allows church members to feel confident when coming back to in-person services since they know that the church is committed to the highest cleaning standards. 

3. A Cleaner and Safer Kitchen 

Many churches have kitchens for events or volunteers who prepare food for members of the community. While beneficial, these kitchens can also be the perfect spot for germs and bacteria to spread. 

Sink faucets, oven handles, and refrigerators are surfaces where dangerous bacteria such as E. coli or salmonella can grow. Utensils, cutting boards, and cloth towels could unintentionally increase pathogens while preparing and serving food. 

Instead of relying on volunteers to properly clean and disinfect after each use, ensure a safe cooking area by hiring a cleaning service. A professional cleaning team will know how to deep clean your church kitchen with the appropriate products, thereby preventing illnesses in your church and community. 

4. Spotless Floors 

Your sanctuary’s floors need constant vacuuming and mopping to prevent the spread of germs. A professional cleaning team will have the high-performance commercial vacuums and waxing machines required to keep your floors looking new. 

Church cleaning companies can also provide the specialty treatments your church floors need. Besides disinfecting, this includes shampooing carpets annually to keep them looking their best. Regularly removing dust and mold before they have time to settle into the carpet will give it a longer life.  

5. Safe Childcare Spaces  

Disinfecting is especially important in childcare spaces where germs can quickly spread. Your professional cleaning team can wipe down toys, surfaces, and play mats regularly with child-safe products. 

Church attendants will feel more secure leaving their children in rooms where they know an experienced team performs frequent, thorough cleanings. This security can encourage more young couples with children to visit your church. 

6. Impeccable Restrooms 

Restrooms have high-touch surfaces where germs grow and spread easily. Flushers, doorknobs, and faucets could have microbes that need prompt removal, yet many churches have internal cleaning staff who only clean periodically. 

A professional cleaning team can disinfect your surfaces whenever necessary with the right kinds of products. They also have the proper equipment to scrub and deep clean toilets consistently. 

You’ll want visitors to feel completely comfortable in your church building, and restrooms can tell them a lot about your attention to detail.  

7. Time to Focus on Other Church Matters 

Daily church operations involve a long list of tasks to keep things running smoothly, as well as communications with members and caring for the community. Maintaining your church’s cleanliness with internal staff can take away valuable time from those issues. 

Cleaning doesn’t have to be another to-do item. When you hire a professional church cleaning service, you can be confident about the staff that is caring for your building. Check cleaning off the list and concentrate fully on other details of your work.  

A Clean Church Inspires a Healthy Congregation 

A clean church is a shared mission between you and your congregation. A church cleaning company, along with the individual care of your community members, will guarantee a safe place for worship.  

Based on CDC’s current Covid-19 considerations for communities of faith, here are some practices you can promote: 

  • Implement a hand-washing program for your congregation and your employees, with accessible sinks and supplies, such as antibacterial soap and hand sanitizer, paper tissue, and covered trash bins. 
  • Inform your community about proper cough and sneeze etiquette through signage or on-screen messages. 
  • Encourage all people to wear masks while in church. 
  • Inform and practice safe social distancing. 

The Value of Church Cleaning Companies 

Church cleaning companies may seem like a significant investment, yet the health and peace of mind of your church staff, congregants, and visitors make this expense well worth it. You’ll have a safe, hygienic, and healthy space that will make worship more meaningful for everyone. 
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