What Does a Commercial Deep Cleaning Include?

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A commercial deep cleaning helps address the tasks that you may not have time to take care of in your regular schedule. The specifics of a commercial deep cleaning depend on your unique needs. As you determine who you want to hire for your commercial deep clean, make sure you look for a company offering specialty cleaning services or customized plans that will fit your specific needs.

1. Carpet Cleaning Services

While you may include vacuuming the carpets as part of your regular cleaning tasks, shampooing and scrubbing is another task altogether. Shampooing any carpets in your office can help get out set-in dirt and grime, which will, in turn, make your floors look cleaner and newer. Regular carpet cleaning can help extend the life of your carpet and keep it looking its best, which can help save the company money in the long run. 

2. Stripping and Burnishing the Floor

Like your carpets, your flooring can see a lot of wear and tear. Depending on how much traffic your commercial building sees, you may have hundreds or even thousands of people walking across those floors every day. Stripping and burnishing the floor can help it look like new, removing the signs of wear and tear and reducing accumulated grime. 

3. Window Cleaning

You may take care of the windows at ground level regularly if you work in a customer-facing office or a building where customers come in and out regularly. Areas that often accumulate fingerprints may also get a regular scrub. On the other hand, if you have oversized windows or those positioned out of reach, you may find they get cleaned less often.

As part of your commercial deep clean, include window cleaning procedures, which will help make sure that the windows look their best. Regular window cleaning helps let in more natural light and ensures that your building looks bright and clean inside and out.

4. Pressure Washing

Many areas of your space will benefit from regular pressure washing. Pressure washing the facade, for example, can help eliminate grime that may have accumulated over the years or wash away the aftereffects of a wet weather season.

Pressure-washing sidewalks, driveways, and parking lots can also help your building look new again. That fresh, new look can help attract potential customers or show your commitment to quality without your business or employees having to say a word. 

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5. Cleaning Lower-Touch Areas of the Building

Your cleaning providers will take care of high-touch areas throughout the building, including switch plates, doorknobs, and countertops with some regularity. Other areas, however, may need more attention. 

For example, during a deep clean, have your cleaners wipe down walls and doors directly or clean areas of the shelves that don’t see as much use. Cleaning those lower-touch building areas is not critical for your routine cleaning and disinfection. Still, ensuring that the facility stays clean over time can be vital. 

6. Removing Items from Shelves and Cabinets and Wiping Them Down

Many commercial facilities have extensive storage areas where you may keep any number of items. Some of those items see regular use or get moved off the shelf regularly, meaning they accumulate less dust and grime. However, areas that see lower use may have a greater likelihood of collecting dirt over time.

During your commercial deep clean, have your cleaners take the time to remove all items from shelves and cabinets and wipe them down. This would also be a great time to get rid of unused or expired items on those shelves, so make sure you plan to have someone on hand to go through those little-used items and dispose of them properly.

7. Moving and Cleaning Behind and Under Furniture

Much of the furniture in an average office remains stationary most of the time. While your cleaning staff will take the time to clean around and even behind it regularly, your regular cleaning may not include moving heavy furniture and cleaning underneath it. During your deep clean, however, you have the perfect opportunity to move that furniture out of the way and clean anything that may have built up under it. Periodically moving heavy furniture items can help you get to areas where grime may build up unnoticed, decreasing environmental contaminants and allowing you to protect your building, including the flooring. 

8. Deep Cleaning Furniture, If Needed

If you have fabric cushions or other upholstery, those furnishings may need occasional cleaning to help keep them fresh and new. Like your carpets, your furniture will benefit from regular cleaning. Over time, dirt and grime can get ground into the surface. If you do not clean your furnishings, that grime can grow increasingly difficult to remove. By instituting a regular deep clean procedure, you can help protect the lifespan of your furniture and make your office look fresh.

9. Cleaning Cloth Furnishings

Curtains, in particular, often receive relatively little attention unless they have visible dirt and grime building up. However, that can mean that your furnishings have collected heavy dust or pollen. Furthermore, they may be more challenging to clean if you wait a long time before taking care of that essential service. By cleaning your cloth furnishings, you can ensure that they stay fresh and clean.

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10. Cleaning and Sanitizing Equipment

You likely have considerable equipment throughout your office that gets used regularly. Some of those things, like the office coffee machine or the printer, should get wiped down as part of your regular cleaning. More detailed cleaning may take considerably longer, which means it may be outside your regular services. As part of your commercial deep clean, your cleaners can get into the cracks and crevices of your equipment and make sure it looks sparkling and new again. Often, that can help protect against further damage or make your equipment more sanitary. 

11. Washing Baseboards and Deep Cleaning Corners

Your commercial cleaners likely take care of wiping down the baseboards and washing the floors regularly. Still, baseboards probably do not see the deep clean they need to stay in excellent condition. As part of your deep clean, the cleaners will come through and make sure that baseboards are scrubbed, and corners have been cleaned out, which means that, in general, the office will remain in much better shape. Cleaning the baseboards can also help reveal previously-unnoticed grime and make your office look its best.

12. In-Depth Bathroom Cleaning

Cleaning the bathroom is likely at the top of your priority list when it comes to ensuring that your building looks its best and is clean and sanitary for all users. However, deep cleaning the bathroom doesn’t often happen for many businesses. While your cleaners may scrub the toilets and take care of the floors and surfaces, a deep clean can help clean out stubborn areas, chase dirt out of the corners, and make sure that your bathroom is sparkling and sanitary again. 

13. Custom Cleaning According to Your Business’s Needs

Chances are, you know where the specific cleaning needs are in your office or commercial building. Each building or business has its unique set of cleaning challenges that can crop up, whether it’s that corner that you know needs to be scrubbed out or that spot that just seems to accumulate dirt throughout the day. You may have specific cleaning needs related to inventory or need to meet particular cleaning standards. During your commercial deep clean, you should have the option to discuss those needs with your cleaners and ensure that you get the clean you need. 

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A regular commercial deep clean can help your business look its best, including taking care of all the essential details that will make your building shine. At DTK Facility Services, we help provide customized commercial deep cleans geared toward your needs. Contact us today to get a quote or schedule your commercial deep clean.