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A Guide to Commercial Carpet Cleaning Prices

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Clean and well-maintained business premises have an invaluable role to play when it comes to making a favorable first impression on your customers. But there is even more to a clean-looking carpet than meets the eye. Your floor coverings actually contribute to your office’s indoor air quality. Check out this guide to commercial carpet cleaning prices, where we will show you how carpet cleaning prices are calculated.

In addition, you will find out how to choose a reputable commercial carpet cleaning company that will leave your carpets clean and improve the air you breathe around your premises. 

What Goes Into Commercial Carpet Cleaning Prices

Carpet remains America’s single favorite floor covering. Even though tiled and vinyl floors are growing in popularity, carpet flooring continues to dominate American homes and office spaces.  

Commercial carpet cleaning prices depend on a range of factors, like:

  • Size of the space
  • Furnishings
  • Degree of usage
  • Specialist services

Size of the Space

The size of the space that needs to be cleaned is the first major consideration. Most contractors will use this as a guideline and base their rates either on a price per square foot or a price per room. Which type suits your business better will depend on the space you are occupying. 

A company occupying one or more floors in an open-plan office building generally benefits from pricing per square foot. A smaller business occupying two or three rooms in a building might get a better deal based on per-room rates. 


Office furnishings determine the amount of time it takes to clean carpet flooring. For this guide to commercial carpet cleaning prices, we will assume that most routine carpet cleaning means leaving furniture in place and working around it. 

The more intricately you furnish your office space, the longer commercial cleaning contractors will take to clean it thoroughly. Your cleaning professionals simply take longer to work around different pieces of furniture. If you are furnishing a new office, consider the cost of regular cleaning. It’s worth positioning furniture in a way that makes the space easier to clean. As a result, your commercial carpet cleaning prices will be lower. 

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Degree of Usage

Another factor that influences commercial carpet cleaning prices is the degree and type of usage of the flooring. For example, a small office that is typically occupied by a handful of people wearing indoor shoes will be relatively cheap and easy to clean. Compare that to an office space with heavy foot traffic of dozens, if not hundreds of people every day. The amount of dirt that accumulates will differ greatly from the smaller office in our example. 

The type of foot traffic is another consideration. If your office space has people walking in wearing muddy or snowy outdoor shoes, your carpets will need to be cleaned more thoroughly and frequently.

Specialist Services

Even with the greatest care, your office carpets will become stained after a while. Removing persistent stains not only takes additional time, but commercial carpet cleaning services may also need to use specialized chemicals, which will be reflected in their pricing.

No guide to commercial carpet cleaning services would be complete at this time without referring to specialized requirements due to the coronavirus pandemic. Many offices have had to close for weeks or even months, and reopening comes with its own challenges. For example, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have pointed out that water systems require specific care and checks after a prolonged shutdown. When it comes to carpet cleaning in these cases, mold is the biggest concern for commercial carpet cleaning pricing.

How Often Does Your Office Carpet Need to be Cleaned?

Office carpet cleaning is important not only because of the aesthetics, but it is even more important because it helps ensure a good air quality inside your building. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recommends following the carpet manufacturer’s guidelines or general industry standards. Experienced cleaning contractors will be able to advise you on the frequency of cleaning depending on your office space, amount of foot traffic, and the type of carpet installed. 

Beyond Removing Dust and Dirt

Commercial office carpet cleaning pricing goes beyond removing dust and dirt. In fact, carpet flooring acts as a filter. The fibers of your carpet trap various kinds of air pollutants and allergens such as fungus, dust mites, and asphalt particles. This may sound inconvenient, but it can be essential to help control the air quality in your office. According to the Carpet and Rug Institute, studies have shown that carpet flooring benefits indoor air quality. 

That said, this is only the case if your carpet is cleaned thoroughly. Vacuuming is simply not enough to remove all potential pollutants, although it is very effective for removing dust and dry particles. For high-traffic areas and particles that have not only been trapped but buried deep, deep cleaning is necessary. 

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Commercial carpet cleaning pricing needs to include the cost of the chemicals used to clean your flooring. Most commercial contractors will recommend regular steam cleaning, in addition to vacuuming. 

Steam cleaning and applying professional-strength chemicals can make a huge difference to the appearance of your office carpets. As a rule, most commercial cleaners will use alkali-based carpet cleaning chemicals to cover the majority of your flooring. In addition, they may also need specialized stain removers depending on the nature of the stain. 

As far as a guide to commercial carpet cleaning pricing is concerned, standard carpet cleaning chemicals are generally included in pricing per square foot or per room. However, if your carpets are heavily stained and the stains result from a variety of sources, contractors will need to use a wider range of specialized chemicals. In that case, the price for carpet cleaning will likely be higher than a standard charge based on size. 

Benefits of a Customized Quote

While it may seem convenient to get an online-based quote for carpet cleaning services, this quote can be misleading. Even with the best of intentions from both parties, online quotes can’t account for all your organization’s individual carpet cleaning requirements. They are simply based on the size and type of space. 

On the other hand, a customized quote is tailored to your business. This degree of personalization starts with a site visit to assess the condition and type of carpet at your location. While evaluating the flooring itself, experienced contractors also evaluate your office space and the type of furnishing. They get a much better idea of what the carpet cleaning job involves for your specific job. 

At the same time, they can check on specific stains and evaluate what it will take their crews to remove those. The result is a much more accurate quotation for your premises and the services you truly require. 

When booking online-only, it’s easy to tick boxes for additional services. But it is even easier to forget about crucial aspects of your space and the extent of carpet cleaning you require. This can lead to either a disappointing cleaning result or a bill that is much higher than anticipated. 

Booking a Local Expert

As a commercial cleaning contractor, we have built our reputation at DTK Inc. on offering highly personalized services to all our customers. We have built 25 years of experience in commercial carpet cleaning in Houston, TX, and have since expanded across four states. One thing has remained the same – we are offering you more than a standardized guide to commercial carpet cleaning services. Based on a visit to your premises, our experts will not only provide an accurate quotation, but they will also advise you on the most suitable commercial carpet cleaning services you need to keep your space looking its best for years to come. After all, you only have one opportunity to make a lasting first impression. Talk to us today about how we can help your business.