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How to Choose Commercial Landscaping in Houston

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As a business owner in the Houston area, you know how challenging it can be to maintain your outdoor spaces. Even if you want to improve your landscaping, you may be so busy with cleaning and other issues that you don’t have time to focus on it. With commercial landscaping, Houston-area businesses can ensure that their outdoor areas truly reflect their values as a company. 

Read on to learn more about how to choose commercial landscaping in Houston, what commercial landscapers do and how they can help your business.  

Commercial Landscaping: Houston-specific Issues 

When it comes to commercial landscaping, Houston presents unique challenges. Clay soil, humid weather, and abundant insects are a few of the hallmarks of the region. High temperatures make it difficult to maintain an attractive outdoor area during the summer, and the humidity can encourage mold growth during parts of the year. Add to that the impact of heat islands in the city itself, and you have a complicated situation for landscapers, both amateur and professional.  

Because of the difficulties inherent in taking care of outdoor areas in the region, many businesses choose to contract commercial landscaping services. But how do you choose commercial landscaping in Houston from the many companies out there? First, let’s cover the basics.

What Is Commercial Landscaping? 

As a business owner, you’re familiar with the need to contract experts for services like accounting, legal, janitorial, and security. Landscaping is no different. From planning and installing to maintenance and seasonal work, landscaping services are essential to the professional upkeep of your company’s outdoor areas.  

Commercial landscaping includes regular maintenance to ensure freshly clipped bushes, clean edges, and mowed grass. Service is often monthly, with additional specialty work on a seasonal basis as needed. One good example is flower beds, which require both regular maintenance and occasional renovation.  

One of the most significant benefits of using a commercial landscaping company lies in their years of experience. Even the greenest thumb sometimes needs advice and assistance to keep their garden area looking its best. When choosing commercial landscaping in Houston, find a landscaper who can help you make the best of what you have, as well as any changes you need to improve your outdoor area.  

As with other professional services, landscapers will work with you to meet your needs. An initial assessment will allow them to provide an estimate and advice on the services they recommend.  

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Why You Should Hire a Commercial Landscaping Company 

Are you considering commercial landscaping in Houston? Whether your business has extensive outdoor areas or a smaller yard or patio, the investment in a professional service is often worth it in terms of curb appeal, upkeep, and staffing needs.  

Here are a few signs that you should choose a commercial landscaper: 

  • You need someone with experience. 
  • You want to wow your customers and your tenants. 
  • You’ve noticed issues with your outdoor areas. 
  • Your maintenance crew doesn’t have time for landscaping duties. 
  • You want to protect your investment. 

You Need Someone with Experience 

Trained landscapers can transform a simple green area into a well-manicured, elegant outdoor space. While your cleaning or maintenance staff may be excellent at their primary roles, they won’t have the same effect as a professional. Landscaping certifications require experience, so you know that the person working on your landscape knows what they are doing.  

If you’re unsure what you need, choose commercial landscapers in Houston with a professional on staff who will visit your business to assess your location. They will provide insight into what you need and what you can expect in terms of results. In the hands of the right person, your outdoor area can look better than you ever imagined possible.  

You Want to Wow Your Customers 

With the significance of social media in our daily lives, each touchpoint with a customer is a marketing opportunity. A stunning green space, patio, or landscaping feature can be the inspiration for an Instagram or Facebook post from customers, visitors, and tenants. 

In the same vein, photos of sloppy maintenance or a run-down area will speak for themselves. These days, when a picture is truly worth a thousand words, well-kept outdoor spaces are more of a necessity than ever.  

This issue is even more significant for image-related industries like fashion, marketing, design, and luxury goods. To show your business is dedicated to quality, the outside should reflect what’s inside.  

You’ve Noticed Issues with Your Outdoor Areas 

Take a walk around your outdoor areas. Are you satisfied with what you find? Unless a professional provides landscaping services regularly, there is a good chance that you won’t be. Uneven edges, overgrown patches, and neglected plants are just a few of the signs that your green areas need some love. Remember: if you notice it, your customers and tenants will, too. 

With commercial landscaping in Houston, businesses can control this aspect of their public image, ensuring that visitors experience quality from the moment they first lay eyes on the building.  

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Your Employees Don’t Have Time for Landscaping Duties 

Since it’s performed outside, landscaping can be hot, dirty work. For a professional, that goes with the territory. However, your regular cleaning and maintenance staff’s personal appearance is important to your image. This means they would need to either dedicate a full day to outdoor work or spend work time cleaning themselves up after completing their outdoor duties. This can cause gaps in service since they need to be available for other duties during the course of the day.  

It also may not be convenient for employees to dedicate time to mowing, bagging grass, edging, and more instead of their primary roles. A commercial landscaper will provide services when needed without disrupting daily maintenance.  

You Want to Protect Your Investment 

Landscaping can be expensive to install. It includes planning, purchasing, groundwork, and a lot of physical labor. But once you have your outdoor area the way you want it, you will need to hire professionals to make sure it stays that way. That’s the role played by commercial landscaping. Houston has weather challenges such as humidity, rain, and heat, and a local professional will be able to take care of your specific space best.  

While a staff member will do their best, a trained landscaper understands the unique needs of the different types of plants that make up your outdoor space. They can also make recommendations for changes that can improve the look of the space, use less water, or require less care. 

If your current outdoor area includes unusual or exotic plants, a water garden, or other specialty items, a landscaping service will be particularly beneficial. A professional will know how to provide plants and installations the special care they need.  

Commercial Landscaping in Houston 

The right commercial landscaping company can take your outdoor spaces from blah to beautiful. As with any service, make sure to do research, get references, and request an estimate.  

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