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How to Choose Pressure Washing Services in Houston

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The physical appearance of a business is one of the most precious aspects of its reputation. In fact, a poll by Ipsos found that 90% of Americans consider a company’s cleanliness a deciding factor as to whether they’d return. 

As a Houston business owner, you should always be on guard to protect your image. What may seem like a minor issue to you could be make-or-break to a potential client. In terms of exteriors, one of the simplest ways to make a positive impression is with pressure washing services, Houston-style.    

What Is Pressure Washing?  

Before you decide to contract a pressure washing service in Houston, you need to know what type of maintenance you are choosing. Pressure washing is what it sounds like: using a high-pressure water spray to clean a surface. This technique gets rid of hard-to-remove dirt, mud, algae, mold, and even loose paint.  

Pressure washing is a common cleaning method for the exterior of homes and businesses, including the building itself, sidewalks, driveways, parking lots, fences, and even decks. Concrete, brick, and certain kinds of wood are good candidates for this treatment.  

One of the unique benefits of this type of service is its versatility. A skilled professional uses a variety of nozzles, each with its purpose and target surface. By altering the water flow, they can change the spray from wide to narrow, as best serves the purpose intended. Remember playing games with the garden hose as a kid? Imagine the same, but with industrial-level pressure.  

Why Are Pressure Washing Services a Houston Issue?  

Houston business owners know that our hot, humid climate has at least one downside: mold. It’s not just an inconvenience, either. Mold can cause allergic reactions that range from unpleasant to deadly. Because of the climate, the region has a higher rate of mold allergies than other parts of the country.   

Pollen and other allergens are additional concerns for allergy sufferers in the area. During certain times of the year, higher pollen and mold count can cause serious health problems for Houston residents.   

Luckily, pressure washing offers a way to reduce the pollen and mold on the exterior of your home or commercial building. Quicker and more effective than manual cleaning, this service can refresh the outer surface and eliminate mold, mildew, and their spores.   

When to Use Pressure Washing Services in Houston  

Virtually every type of exterior maintenance relates to the weather, so it’s crucial to plan your pressure washing in accordance with the seasons of the year. The fall or spring would be ideal because freezing weather is not a concern. This aspect is critical, because if water gets in cracks and then freezes, the expansion can cause damage to the surface.  

You could also use pressure washing services in Houston in the summer, but many people prefer to have this work completed before the weather starts to get hot. You’ll also want to consider hurricane season, as storms and other damage can interfere with external maintenance. 

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Why to Use a Professional Pressure Washing Service  

You may be thinking about renting a pressure washer and asking your maintenance staff to clean with it. Despite the popularity of DIY pressure washers, we still recommend using a professional service for this essential maintenance. Why? Pressure washing can be dangerous to both yourself and the surface you’re washing if you do it incorrectly. It can also end up costing you more in the long run.   

Consumer Reports notes that improper use of pressure washers causes thousands of injuries a year. They include serious health issues if the spray lacerates the skin deeply enough. As a business owner, you need to make sure the person performing the pressure washing is adequately trained and has the proper insurance.   

Members of your general cleaning staff are unlikely to fill these specialized requirements. An injury to one of them could result in an insurance problem or other negative financial impact.    

As mentioned, poorly performed pressure washing can also be harmful to your property. By causing damage to property, incorrectly executed pressure washing can result in financial costs that well outweigh any perceived savings from utilizing a DIY strategy.   

Certain surfaces are softer than others and therefore more prone to damage. For example, although most wood holds up well to pressure washing, older wood and stained wood are not ideal candidates for this treatment. 

Sandstone is too soft, and pressure washing will create grooves in it or eliminate it altogether. Other surfaces to watch out for include asphalt roofing, electric panels, lead paint, and any area with paint that you want to remain intact.   

With so many issues to consider, a commercial pressure washing service in Houston may be a wiser option for many business owners. They have the needed training, equipment, and insurance, and they are aware of state and federal laws related to the procedure, such as waste transport and lead paint containment.   

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How to Choose a Pressure Washing Service in Houston 

As with all professional services, make sure that you do adequate research before selecting a pressure washing service in Houston. Here are a few tips to help you make an informed decision. 

Review your property to assess your needs 

Start by taking a walk around the exterior of your business and taking note of its appearance. Do you notice caked-on dirt and mud, mold and algae, or a general griminess? Pressure washing might be a good option. Check out the parking lot, driveways, fences, and other spaces that maintenance may sometimes overlook. Keep a list of what you see, and use it when you speak with potential cleaning services.  

Make a shortlist

Start with any recommendation that you may have from customers or business associates. Then do some internet research, focusing on businesses in the Houston area with professional websites that present a clear picture of their services.  

Check out their online presence

Most companies will have a website that reflects their level of professionalism. It should offer a list of services and information about the company’s history and experience. 

Read online reviews and social media

A great way to find out more about any company is to see what others are saying about them. Social media and online reviews offer a more independent vision of the quality of services, level of professionalism, and customer service. You can also check out the Better Business Bureau for more formal complaints.  

Ask for recommendations

After you have narrowed down your list, ask the top few finalists for customer referrals. They should be happy to share feedback from their customers. If not, it might be a red flag. 

Confirm all insurance and licenses

Before hiring any company to perform a service on your property, you need to be sure that they have all the licenses necessary. You should also ask for confirmation of their insurance.  

Request consultation and pricing

Once you have found a company that fits the bill, ask for a consultation. They will then be able to provide you with an accurate idea of how much the service will cost.  

No matter your reasons for hiring a pressure washing service in Houston, you’ll need to make sure that you select a professional. At DTK Facility Services, we’ve offered janitorial services since 1996. Contact us for a quote or more information