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Why Outsource Cleaning Services? Pros and Cons Compared to Hiring In-House

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Businesses across the United States are dealing with a challenging economic environment. The economic crisis of 2008, the coronavirus pandemic, and, most recently, inflation, are putting a strain on companies across all sectors. Right now, it is critical for most to use their resources wisely and avoid waste. Why outsource cleaning services? Because it is the best use of your resources.

At the same time, it is just as important to make an excellent first impression on existing and prospective customers. Commercial cleaning companies can help your business achieve that. In addition, these contractors can do more than take care of day-to-day cleaning. They can look after your windows, deep-clean office carpets, or prepare a building for reopening. According to Statista, a little over one in four businesses in the United States currently outsource their cleaning.

Why Outsource Cleaning Services

Outsourcing your cleaning needs to a professional contractor has plenty of advantages over hiring in-house, including:

  • Dedicated professional cleaning staff
  • Flexible contracts to meet changing needs
  • Quick access to specialist cleaning services

At first sight, outsourcing may seem like a luxury your business cannot afford. But once you consider the benefits over the downsides of hiring a contractor, outsourcing simply becomes a clear choice.

Dedicated Professional Cleaning Staff

Perhaps you are considering asking your existing employees to help clean the facility. While it is normal to expect employees to keep workstations and desks clean and tidy, asking them to double up as cleaners rarely works well.

Why outsource cleaning services? One of the biggest advantages of outsourcing is that you are asking a cleaning professional to do what they are trained to do. Asking your employees to clean is not the best use of their time. Some may even be offended, and you risk a drop in morale. Cleaning would also take away from them achieving their own targets in the position you hired them for.

Granted, all companies face situations where you temporarily need “all hands on deck,” but regular professional cleaning should not be one of them. Instead, your facility and your team will benefit from professional cleaning services.

Cleaning can be more complex than it seems, and professional contractors know how to leave your facility at its best. Outsourcing cleaning services is an excellent way to secure that all-important great first impression.

Flexible Cleaning Contracts to Meet Changing Needs

Hiring a professional cleaning contractor is an investment in your facility. Some facility managers are afraid of the cost and commitment that comes with using an external contractor. However, in many cases, external contracts are more flexible than hiring an in-house team.

Why outsource cleaning services? Because you only pay for the services you need when you need them. Consider the opposite: if you hire an in-house cleaning team, you also need to invest in recruitment as well as cleaning machinery and supplies.

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Recruitment Concerns for In-House Cleaning Staff

Like hiring any other employee, hiring cleaners requires time and incurs expenses for your HR staff. They need to advertise for the position, dedicate time to the interview process, review contracts, and more. When new team members start, they require training to get up to speed before they can work effectively and efficiently for you.

Once a member of your cleaning team decides to leave, the process starts again. Ask yourself whether hiring janitorial staff really is the best use of your HR team’s time. In many cases, their time is better spent concentrating on core hires.

By outsourcing cleaning services, you are able to skip this entire process. Instead, you get ready access to fully trained cleaners that hit the ground running in your facility.

Flexible Contracts Allow You to Pay for What You Need Only

Hiring an in-house team means you need enough staff to take care of all your cleaning needs. Sometimes, the team may be flat-out busy and unable to meet specialist cleaning requirements. At other times, there may not be enough work to keep each team member busy for a full working day. Regardless, you need to pay your cleaning team’s salary, no matter how much cleaning is required.

Reputable, external cleaning contractors offer flexible contract arrangements that allow you access to the right level of cleaning support. In some weeks, that may only be basic office cleaning. At other times, your facility may require deep cleaning. Perhaps you are reopening a building after renovation? Taking care of the dust left behind by building works takes time and skill. Plus, professional contractors use specific cleaning supplies to take care of these more difficult tasks.

Outsourcing your cleaning needs allows you access to both regular and additional services as and when you need them. Flexible contracts help you scale up or down as required. As a result, you can make the most cost-effective cleaning arrangement for your business.

Quick Access to Specialist Cleaning Services

Over the past two years, cleaning has become more important for most businesses. Apart from ensuring their premises were ready and inviting for staff and customers, they also needed to consider disease prevention. The coronavirus pandemic certainly increased the importance of cleaning and disinfection for businesses. For that reason, there has never been a better time to outsource cleaning.

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Why outsource cleaning services to professional contractors? Because the pandemic is not over yet and the number of infections in the United States is once again rising, businesses benefit from highly trained, professional cleaning and disinfection support.

Leading cleaning companies have trained their teams in taking care of high-traffic areas, using disinfectants and other specialty chemicals to keep staff and customers safe. Professional cleaners regularly update their procedures to follow the latest advice and guidance, giving you peace of mind.

Professional cleaning contractors also offer other services that help maintain your facility and prevent long-term damage and high maintenance costs, such as window cleaning, exterior cleaning, carpet cleaning, and more. 

Professional Cleaners as an Extension of Your Team

Why outsource cleaning services? Because it allows you to keep your internal team lean whilst taking care of all cleaning needs. After a short time, your external cleaning team will no longer feel external. They will simply become an extension of your team.

Reputable cleaners build their teams over the years, just like any other company. Their staff retention is high. As a client, you will see the same faces cleaning your facility over and over again. Your cleaners may come from an external employer, but they are effectively an extension of your team.

Finding a Reputable Professional Cleaning Service

The benefits of outsourcing your cleaning needs are obvious. They are multiplied by working with an experienced, reputable cleaning company. DTK just celebrated its 25th anniversary of looking after businesses in Houston, TX, and beyond. We are well placed to support your business in four states and take care of all outsourced cleaning needs, whether they require routine or specialist input. Talk to our team to learn more about how your business could benefit from outsourcing cleaning services.