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The exterior of a commercial building speaks volumes to passersby – customers and employees included. If the outside of your business is not enticing, you could lose customers and impact the morale of your employees. 

Unfortunately, the outdoor surface also faces harsh weather elements, taking only a few months to accumulate dirt, debris, and grime. It’s worse in Houston, given the extreme weather elements – from frequent rain and humidity to flooding and hurricanes.  

When pollutants, pollen and everyday dirt build up, they can wreak havoc to the building – giving it a worn-down appearance. And if left unattended, they can cause long-term structural damage and even impact the health of those in the building. 

But what do you do when water, soap, and those nasty chemicals cannot seem to do the job?

Well, you roll out a pressure washer or hire one of the commercial pressure washing services near you. After all, the use of a powerful hose is proven to blast things clean with pressurized water jets – leaving those exterior walls, sidewalks and entrances looking brand new.  

If you need to find the best pressure washing services in Houston, we’re here to help. The city is inundated with many small businesses and individuals offering power washing services. Read the following tips to help you choose the best cleaning service for your needs. 


Pressure washing refers to the use of high-pressurized water jets to blast out dirt, dust, grime, mud, stains, mold, salt, and even chewing gum. 

Pressure washers use regular temperature water (unheated water) and thus may not perform well against mold, moss, or other tough-stuck-on substances. To remove such contaminants, including tough stains on concrete, you’re better off using a power washer that generates heated water. 


But what is the difference between power washing and pressure washing? Power washing blasts water and detergent cleaning solution at high pressure but only with hot water, sanitizing surfaces and breaking down all types of organic material. On the other hand, pressure washing uses the same technique but with unheated tap water.

Both techniques require special care so as not to wear away or possibly destroy parts of your building or pathways. But, when done correctly, these services remove grime, dirt, and mildew from your building’s exterior, even as high as those hard-to-reach several-story buildings. Pressure washing can also clean your building’s parking lot from oil stains. At maximum pressure, the equipment is able to peel loose paint from your building’s exterior to prepare it for repainting, a good thing if that’s what you’re going after but something to be aware of if you’re inexperienced.


A pressure washer is not at all sophisticated. It’s just a water pump powered by a diesel or electric motor. 

The washer takes in water from a faucet; the pumps then pressurize it, squirting the water from a narrow hose at high speed via a trigger gun. Many pressure washers are built for homeowners and don’t have the same power as a commercial-grade pressure washer. 

Your commercial pressure washing service provider will use the higher-powered washer and will select the right attachments to the hose to help clean different objects and surfaces.

Since the water flows at high speed, it hits the surface with high energy, blasting down dirt and other substances; without damaging the hard surfaces – that is, if it’s done correctly.. 

Nonetheless, it’s best for your washing service provider in Houston to test the pressure washer on inconspicuous areas before cleaning the target area – lest risk harming the surface. 


Using a pressure washer is an effective way to give commercial facilities a face-lift at an affordable cost. It also makes it easier to keep properties clean regularly. 

Here are some benefits you can gain from pressure washing your commercial building regularly: 


Curb appeal is a powerful thing. We typically think of curb appeal with residential properties, but it also applies to commercial buildings. You only make a first impression once, so by ensuring your building and entrance are well-maintained, you send a clear message that you care about quality.

Pressure washing your commercial property regularly gives it a face-lift – making it more appealing and attractive. Experienced commercial pressure washing services in Houston can better the resale value of your property, too – just by ensuring it looks good. 


A clean commercial building is more appealing to customers. That, in turn, can boost your tenants’ ability to attract and retain customers, which translates into more revenue for them – making it more likely for them to extend their lease. 


When your building is pressure washed before it gets dingy, regular cleaning (in between pressure cleaning) becomes easier, quicker, and cheaper. 

Regular cleaning helps reduce maintenance and repair costs – further saving you money. Preventing the accumulation of grime and other contaminants that can cause havoc to the building in the first place can save on future expensive replacements or repairs.


The working environment has an impact on people’s health. So when mold, salts, algae, moss, mildew, and other contaminants accumulate on the commercial property, they create unhygienic living conditions for the occupants.

If not removed, these substances can interfere with the air quality, resulting in allergies and ailments like asthma. Reputable commercial pressure washing services help eradicate all that at an affordable cost. 


Regular cleaning prevents the buildup of pollutants and contaminants on the building. That, in turn, reduces the building’s wear and tear – consequently lowering maintenance costs. Think of the money spent on repairs, replacements, and paints. 

It also reveals structural problems hiding under mold and dirt. And when the problem is caught early, it can be resolved without the need for expensive repairs. 


Commercial pressure washing services rates vary based on many factors. 

The area to be washed or the time it takes to clean the target area 

Most service providers charge either by the hour or per square foot of the cleaning area. And the more the hours or larger the building, the higher the cost. 

The materials and the equipment needed to clean your building 

A surface that requires special chemicals to break down grime and other tough-stuck-on substances before washing will cost more to wash than that requiring typical pressure washing techniques. The same goes for materials requiring a soft wash and other different cleaning styles. 

Similarly, a high-rise building may cost you more – as the cleaning contractor will need additional equipment to suspend workers at high heights while they clean. 

A last-minute order will cost you more than the one plan weeks in advance 

The contractor will be happy to expedite the cleaning service to meet your needs but at an extra cost.


As a business owner in Houston, you’ll want to prepare the exterior of your building before it is power washed. The best time for this procedure is when the least amount of employees and customers are visiting, perhaps at night or on a weekend. You might even need to close your business for a day to complete the power washing. 

Look around your business and close, cover, or remove certain items such as windows, doors, electrical components, light fixtures, and any other moveable decorative items or signage.

We’ve put together this handy guide to help you learn how to choose the right pressure washing services in Houston, TX, so let’s get started. 


When it comes to hiring pressure washing services (or any type of service) for your business, you should never just go with the first option that pops up on Google. They might be at the top of the page, but that doesn’t mean they’re the best fit for your business. 

Spend some time doing some research and getting familiar with the companies in the Houston area. Ask for referrals. Then put together a short list of your top three to five choices. (You don’t have to know a lot about the companies on your list. As long as they’re in Houston, TX, and have good websites, you can get into the deeper research later.)

Was a company recommended to you by friends, family members, or another business? Put that company at the top of your list. You will likely get quality services when you know someone else has had a good experience with that company. And you can get a ball-park figure as to the cost, how quickly it took to schedule, and any other questions you might have.


Next, you should look closely at pressure washing services in Houston and what past clients thought about each company. This will give you an insider’s view of what to expect after hiring one of these companies. 

But don’t just settle for the reviews you find on the companies’ websites (though this is an excellent place to start). The feedback on these websites might be accurate, but they also only show one side of the story. No company is going to post negative reviews on their homepage. 

Instead, head over to third-party sites, such as Yelp. Another good reference is the Better Business Bureau. A non-partisan organization will provide information on a pressure washing business’s track record and its commitment to integrity and customer service.

These sites will show you both the positive reviews and negative reviews. Keep in mind, you likely won’t find a company that has no negative reviews at all. It’s hard to please everyone, and a few negative reviews are nothing to worry about. 

However, if a company has a lot of negative reviews, you should take that as a warning sign and drop them from your list. Otherwise, you might end up spending money on less than satisfactory services.  


You should never hire a pressure washing company that doesn’t have the proper insurance. No matter how much experience they have, something could go wrong while they’re working on your property. If that happens and the company doesn’t have insurance, you may be held responsible and pay for the damages yourself. 

Pressure washing companies also need to have specific licenses. Here in Houston, pressure washing firms need to obtain a permit for pressure washing, and all of their equipment, such as booms, mats, and recovery systems, must be tested by the City of Houston. 

This rule is in place so that all wastewater will be recovered and storm drains will be protected. In addition, all company names and telephone numbers must be on both sides of the firm’s vehicle in three-inch lettering. Companies that don’t have a license may not have the right tools or know-how for the job, and they can end up doing more harm than good. 

A company should be willing to show you proof of its licensing and insurance. If they can’t, you should take your business somewhere else. 


Now that your list of pressure washing options is more manageable, set up a consultation with each one of the pressure services in Houston. You’ll find that many of these companies will offer a free onsite consultation. During this time, the pressure washer should visit your property, perform a thorough examination, and give you a bid/more information about the job. 

But you should also use this time to ask plenty of questions. If you aren’t sure what to ask, start with these: 

●       How long will the job take?

●       How much experience do they have?

●       How much will it cost?

●       Do they have any referrals?

●       Will there be any problems with this job?

●       When are they available to work? (Can they work around your business’s hours?) 

A pressure washer should be able to give you detailed answers to these questions. If they seem unhelpful or annoyed by your questions, that’s a red flag. You may want to look into different companies. 


Now that you have a few different bids, it’s time to compare prices between Houston’s different press washing services. Put together a realistic budget and figure out which company matches the price tag. 

Are all the choices you’re left with way over your price range? 

You might want to try starting the process all over again with new companies. But this might not get you the price you are looking for. Instead, it might be a good idea to set some money aside and save up for a few months. 


The price might be a significant deciding factor when you’re hiring a pressure washing company, but it shouldn’t be the only thing you consider. You should probably avoid the cheapest option out there. Price tends to reflect quality. 

It’s worth spending a bit of extra money on a pressure washing company that has all the right experience, licensing, tools, etc. This way, you know you’ll get good results without risking damage. 


Pressure washing isn’t something you should leave to inexperienced companies. If they don’t know what you’re doing, they could accidentally cause a lot of damage to your business.Hiring professional pressure washing services is the smarter choice. DTK Inc was founded in 1996 in Houston and has grown to become one of the largest and most reputable power washing businesses in the area. It provides services at over 500 locations, employs over 1,515 people, and provides services for an estimated 30+ million square feet across four states. Ready for the next steps? We’re here to help. Reach out to us to get a quote.